Author Stacy Baugher

Back in February of 2008, Stacy Baugher wrote his first article for Major Spoilers and started a solid run of work that would last for over two years. He wrote the first series of Comic Casting Couch articles as well as multiple Golden Age Hero Histories, reviews and commentaries. After taking a hiatus from all things fandom he has returned to the Major Spoilers fold. He can currently be found on his blog, , were he post progress on his fiction work as well as his photography and life in general, and on Twitter under the handle @stacybaugher . If you're of a mind, he also takes on all comers with the under the Xbox Live Gamertag, Lost Hours. He currently lives in Clinton, Mississippi with his understanding wife, and two kids.

Review 8.0

Blossoms 666 #1 Review

In the town of Riverdale, you see the culmination of Americana. Friday night lights, responsible teens, malts and burgers at Pop’s, everything you know and love. It’s a veritable dream. But under that dream lies a nightmare, one which could signal the end of all. Find out more in Blossoms 666 from Archi Comics.

Review 8.7

Tank Girl: Action Alley #2 Review

The adventures of your favorite tank cruising girl with an attitude continue in TANK GIRL:  ACTION ALLEY #2! Will T.G. and her crew get to her mother’s bedside before it’s too late? Will they get the Tankmaster back? Will they survive their trek across Action Alley?

Review 6.7

Shadowman #11 Review

In a mystical plane, Jack Boniface stands off against Sandria, the twin sister of Master Darque, in defiance of her plan to open the mystical Lyceum. Will he succeed? Find out in Shadowman #11 from Valiant Entertainment, on store shelves now.

Review Judge Dredd Megazine #404 8.0

Judge Dredd Megazine #404 Review

The first issue of 2019, Judge Dredd Megazine #404 finds shelves here in the United States a little later than in the United Kingdom, but that doesn’t matter. It is still filled with explosive stories from some of the best the industry has to offer!

Review Herakles Book 2 Review 8.7

Herakles Book 2 Review

The heroic journey of the epic hero known as Herakles continues! Having finished the first eight challenges laid out by King Eurystheus. Is he up to the challenge to continue, or will the King continue to doubt his nature as a demigod? Herakles Book 2 is available now from Lion Forge Press and The Magnetic Collection.

Review Gunning for Hits #1 Review 8.7

Gunning for Hits #1 Review

To some the music of the Eighties is energy and joy, others rebellion and power. To promoter Martin Mills it is the almighty dollar and how much he can make. His latest discovery may be the next big thing, but can Mills survive the negotiations? Gunning For Hits #1 from Image Comics is on store shelves now!

Review Turok #1 Review 6.0

Turok #1 Review

Seeking to escape from the pursuing Union soldiers, Turok and his young brother, Andar, find themselves in a land where the dinosaur still roam. Will they find a new way of life or will they find only death? From Dynamite Entertainment, TUROK #1 is on shelves now!

Review 8.7

Conan the Barbarian #1 Review

Conan of Cimmeria has been many things, barbarian, fighter, thief, pirate, king. Now the most famous barbarian of all returns to his comic book origins with Marvel Comics and the release of CONAN THE BARBARIAN #1, on shelves now. What tales of wonder are left to be told of this warrior?

Review WWE #24 Review 8.0

WWE #24 Review

In the world of professional wrestling, you always have to watch your back. Your tag team partner might one day turn heel, your longtime ally may be harboring resentment. So what does AJ Styles do when someone he counted as a friend turns to foe?

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