Wakanda is abuzz as the political summit and the scientific conference are both prepared to happen. But when big politics meet advanced science, there are sure to be some bad actors looking to take advantage. Will T’Challa and Shuri be able to keep it all under control? Find out in MARVEL ACTION: BLACK PANTHER #6 from IDW Publishing.

Black Panther #6 ReviewMARVEL ACTION: BLACK PANTHER #6

Writer:  Vita Ayala
Artist:  Arianna Florean, Mario Del Pennino
Colorist:  Mattia Iacono, Sara Mirtinelli
Letterer:  Shawn Lee
Editor: Denton J. Tipton
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: November 20, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in MARVEL ACTION: BLACK PANTHER: As the kingdom of Wakanda prepares to host an international science conference at the same time T’Challa is hosting a political summit, life still goes on in the kingdom. While observing Exchange Day, were the king and a subject exchange places for a day, T’Challa discovers that even in a country as advanced as his, some feel the need to take what is not theirs. They also battled Batroc and Shuri learned that even the old ways have their place, and they should be respected. Now the days of the summit and conference has arrived, and there are more complications.


At the University of Wakanda, King T’Challa, his mother and his advisor, Zuri, have just completed reviewing the final preparations for the political summit which is soon to start. Much is riding on this, as not only will new trade deals and international relations be improved, but there will be a chance to divert a war from happening between Wakanda’s neighbors. Even as T’Challa prepares to review all preparations again, Zuri and his mother try and put him at ease. Everything has been covered, reviewed, checked and re-checked. He should relax and enjoy it.

Then the lights go out.

This sets T’Challa even more on edge. There have been a rash of incidents leading up to the summit, and they all seem somewhat out of the ordinary. The Queen seem to agree there is a possibility it is out of the ordinary, when Shuri storms in. Her Matter-To-Data converter has been stolen and it is imperative it be found. She explains the device was originally part of a study into the storage of waste materials, including toxic and nuclear. It would break the physical item into data, and then allow it to be stored. Expecting it to have been transported to the university for the science conference, she found it had disappeared. Surveillance footage showed a van leaving the ground right after it vanished, but then it disappeared, mostly likely using cloaking technology. With luck, all the vans have GPS, so the sibling superstars jump into action. They quickly find the van and it’s four occupants. Two of the occupants fight Black Panther and a winged Shuri, but it soon becomes evident that this conflict is not just about money. With only one thief captured, and the others preparing to complete their plan for The People, will Black Panther and Shuri uncover their plans in time to stop them, or will the political summit and scientific conference both fall to terrorist?


Number six is the last solicited issue of Marvel Action: Black Panther, but I hope it is not the last. Vita Ayala (Livewire, Xena: Warrior Princess) delivers another fun and satisfying issue, and I think this issue, and her previous two for this title, are one of the most enjoyable things on shelves today. She captures the voices of T’Challa and Shuri perfectly, adding little hints of wit and humor, while at the same time telling a story which actually conveys meaning. It’s not just action-action-fight-fight, it is well thought out and excellently executed. This Black Panther and his cast are a perfect meld of the feel of the movie with the originality only a great comic writer could bring. Vita Ayala is quickly becoming one of those writers I search out for on the shelves.

He artistic partner in this issue is once again Arianna Florean (Cobra, Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Year Two), and she too continues the excellent storytelling she has established since issue four. She combines a fluid, cartoonish style with solid action sequences and great panel layouts to deliver Ayala’s script with perfection. The art is friendly for younger readers, but at the same time enjoyable for older fans.


Being able to tackle tough issues and still tell a story which is not preachy or condescending it very difficult, but the creative team on MARVEL ACTION: BLACK PANTHER #6 seem to have a good grasp on the narrative and visual story telling tools to do it, and do it well. Wrapping up this story line nicely, there is a lesson to learn and a lot of action to be enjoyed. I can only hope that we see Ayala and Florean return to Wakanda sooner than later.

MARVEL ACTION: BLACK PANTHER #6 continues the partnership between Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing to bring solid, smart, and entertaining all-ages comics to the masses. Check it out at your local comic shop.

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Marvel Action: Black Panther #6

Solid and Smart

Delivering a message within all the action, this is the Black Panther story that will draw you in

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