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Critical Hit: The Hedgehog Song

We have received a lot of requests from our listeners to share the lyrics for The Hedgehog Song from Critical Hit #264: Iron Sword, Silver Spoon, I Hope You Will Forgive Me Soon.  Those lyrics, are below, and should clear up any confusion on what is being sung.

Critical Hit communing with spirits
CRITICAL HIT: Druidic Orders

The Major Druidic Orders have existed since time immemorial and may, in fact, be the oldest mortal organizations. The differences between the orders are philosophical, rather than, say, geographical or cultural and inter-order arguments can become quite heated. That said, all members of the orders recognize that their goal is the same, to protect spirits and non-spirits from each other. What follows is a quick overview of each organization; Their philosophies, practices and spirit associations, as well as the opinions of their detractors.

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