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Soluna wants to figure out what the blue elixir is, but can she stand up to the Caretaker all by herself? Find out in The Sacrificers #5 from Image Comics!

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Robert Reynolds is no more. But The Sentry lives on, in a manner of speaking. Your Major Spoilers review of The Sentry #1 from Marvel Comics awaits!

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Sure, you COULD be a Jedi, but let’s face facts, you really haven’t been practicing your force skills like you should. The good news is there are plenty of other jobs in the Star Wars Universe that you can do… maybe… 

You can’t go back again, which is why we are looking at Marvel’s Doc Savage comics from the 1970s! We review Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures – Phase III #1 from Dark Horse Comics, City Boy #6 from DC Comics, and Deer Editor #1 from Mad Cave Studios.

This week, we discuss of favorite donuts… because we’re hungry.