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Podcast Major Spoilers Podcast #865 Motor Crush
Major Spoilers Podcast #865: Motor Crush Volume 1

We are motoring our way through Motor Crush Volume 1, and talking about some personnel changes to boot! Plus, we review Hidden Society #1, Wonder Twins #12, Mr. Beaver #1, and Zatanna and the House of Secrets, too! It all goes down in this week’s Major Spoilers Podcast!

Podcast Death of Oracle
Major Spoilers Podcast #863: Birds of Prey

It is the Death of Oracle this week on the Major Spoilers Podcast! Plus, we hear that Cullen Bunn is a Necromancer, which shouldn’t be bad… but it kind of is… We review Conan: Battle for the Serpent Crown #1, Captan America: The End, Diablero, and Shrill.

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