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The Flash #86 Review 9.3

The Flash continues to be one of DC’s best titles. Action, adventure, character development—it’s all there for fans to enjoy. In The Flash #86, Barry has to battle a souped-up Captain Cold while the Speed Force is influencing Him, and not always in a good way!

Review Skulldigger and Skeleton Boy #2 Review
Skulldigger & Skeleton Boy #2 Review 7.7

A young orphan boy goes missing and the hand of Skulldigger is suspected!  Skulldigger & Skeleton Boy #2 from Dark Horse Comics re-examines the Batman mythos from a dark dark place.  While Detective Reyes struggles to find the boy and keep her relationship intact, archcriminal Grimjim escapes prison and turns the mayoral election upside down!  Will Spiral City ever be the same?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review!

Comics Portal
COMICS PORTAL: Too Many Comics?

I was reading a recent interview with Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson about the “state of the industry” as he sees it, a topic I’m always interested in. Some of what he said infuriated me. Other comments I had to agree with.

Review ROM: Dire Wraiths #1 Review
ROM: Dire Wraiths #1 Review 7.7

It’s 1969 and the brave men aboard the Apollo lunar module are set to land on the Moon.  But they’re not the first there, nor the most dangerous.  For in Rom: Dire Wraiths #1, from IDW Publishing, creatures far darker and more lethal lurk in the lunar shadows.  What do they want?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review!

Review Steeple #5 Review
Steeple #5 Review 8.7

When Reverend Penrose takes a holiday, and Billie has a run-in with a magic vacuum cleaner, who is left to defend the town against the merfolk? Find out in Steeple #5 from Dark Horse Comics!

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