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Review Spy Island #1 Review
Spy Island #1 Review 9.7

Secret Agent Nora Freud stars in Spy Island #1, from Dark Horse Comics.  Stuck on an island in the Bermuda Triangle, Nora must assassinate another agent, navigate the perils of a Protect the Mermaids fundraiser, and bed MI-6s best agent, Harry Fauntleroy.  Does Nora get what she needs, instead of what she wants?  Find out in your latest Major Spoilers review!

Review Batman: The Adventures Continue
Batman: The Adventures Continue #1 Review 9.7

Batman: The Adventures Continue #1 from DC Comics kicks off this book, a return to the universe created by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Alan Burnett, and many others! Their adaptation of the Dark Knight is considered a classic, so will this series be worthy of the legend?

Geek History Lesson #304 – MAILBAG: Marvel/DC Crossovers & More!

We’re going to answer your emails, tweets and Facebook messages on a bonus episode of Geek History Lesson! Should Batman and Captain America team-up? We’ll answer it! What are our thoughts on Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season 8? We’ll answer it? What’s Ashley’s favorite place in Kansas? It’s gonna be ANSWERED! Enjoy and thanks for listening.

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