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Review 10.0

Canto #4 Review

Canto has learned that his target is someone called the Shrouded Man who lives in the Emerald Tower. Will the yellow road lead him there? Find out in Canto #4!

Review Canto #2 Review 9.0

Canto #2 Review

Canto is small and alone but determined to make his way to the mysterious hermit who lives by the lake. Join him on his journey in Canto #2!

Review 8.0

Canto #1 Review

On the world of Arcana, a race of mechanical people have been enslaved and depersonalized. When one dares to be an individual, what new perils await him? Find out in Canto #1!

Review 8.3

Assassination Nation #2 Review

Through a series of unfortunate events, the world’s top twenty assassins have been reduced to seven.  Now, with their employer Rankin in need of protection, he hires them all as his personal bodyguards.  But can the greatest killers in the world save their boss from a tenacious adversary?…Find out in our Major Spoilers review of Assassin Nation #2!

Review 7.0

Assassin Nation #1 Review

What do you do when you’re the former foremost hitman in the world now targeted for death?  Hire the best of the rest!  Settle down with Assassin Nation #1 as the accusations (and bullets) fly!