Harvey Dent has been in accident.  Historically speaking, this isn’t going to end well.  Your Major Spoilers review of Batman ’89 #3 from DC Comics awaits!

BATMAN ’89 #3

Writer: Sam Hamm
Artist: Joe Quinones
Colorist: Leonardo Ito
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Editor: Andrew Mariano
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 12, 2021

Previously in Batman ’89: As the fire rages at Royal Auto, Harvey Dent lies trapped inside, unconscious and in danger. Can Bruce Wayne get to Harvey in time, or will the district attorney leave burned-in more ways than one?


As Batman ’89 #3 opens, District Attorney Harvey Dent heroically pulls young Drake from an arsonist’s flames and is hailed as a hero.  His fortunes shoot through the roof as his campaign for Governor takes off, while his beloved Barbara Gordon is named Commissioner after her father retires in disgrace.  He unravels the secret of the Batman (an army of mercenaries, funded by Bruce Wayne’s family money) and everything comes up roses.

And then, he awakens after being dragged from the flames by Bruce Wayne, with his face and body horribly scarred by corrosives and fire, collapsing on the pavement.  From his hospital bed, he sees Bruce Wayne become the hero he thought he was, and begins hallucinating his unscarred self, who wants to teach him about the power of probability.  As for Bruce Wayne himself, the attention is difficult for him to balance with his nocturnal activities, making it difficult to be Batman, but he still manages to get out and confront Catwoman on her part in the affair.


The star of this issue, though, is the art of Joe Quinones, who gives us a lush, movie-inspired Gotham City that still manages to be colorful and detailed.  His Alfred is truly wonderful and his Bruce Wayne, while not resembling Michael Keaton, is nonetheless clearly the same Batman.  The same is true of Harvey Dent, who isn’t exactly Billy Dee Williams but whose full-page splash on his new visage is a horrifying mockery of Billy Dee’s handsome features. The story has a lot of moving parts this time around, but the idea that Drake might be our Robin, that Catwoman is overcoming her latex inspired madness, and the final page reveal that Harvey’s coin has come up scarred-side combine for an impressive read.  Best of all, there’s nothing here that requires knowledge of Burton’s Bat-movies, which removes a possible barrier to access for readers who weren’t in theaters 32 years ago.


All in all, Batman ’89 #3 makes for a fine comic book experience, combining strong art with a multi-faceted story for a Batman experience that works as well as any of the various 2021 ongoing Bat-books, earning 4 out of 5 stars overall.  I appreciate having a Batman book that isn’t knee-deep in murder, death, betrayal and darkness while still remaining true to a Dark Knight aesthetic and recommend that you check this one out.

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BATMAN '89 #3

The Toss Of A Coin

For years, we've heard rumors of Sam Hamm's plans for Billy Dee Williams' Harvey Dent, a Robin played by Marlon Wayans and the Batman II that never was. I don't know if this is that, but it's a good read with some great art.

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