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Review Planet Size X-Men #1 Review 7.7

Planet-Size X-Men #1 Review

The arrival of Arakko has caused discord with the governments of Earth. Mutantkind must enact a daring plan to keep the peace. See what they accomplish together in Planet-Size X-Men #1 by Marvel Comics! 

Review The Silver Coin #3 Review 8.0

The Silver Coin #3 Review

In The Silver Coin #3, it’s 1986, and home invasions are all the rage.  When three teenagers cause the death of an old man, little do they know their ill-gotten gains will end in horror!  Who dies screaming?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Review Compass #1 Review 10.0

Compass #1 Review

In the 13th century, Shahidah El-Amin travels from Baghdad to Wales in search of an artifact. But when an old friend and rival gets there first, what perils await her? Find out in Compass #1 from Image Comics!

Review Rangers of the Divide #2 Review 7.7

Rangers of the Divide #2 Review

While the new recruits are a grudging team, leading them is like herding cats. Can the Commander bring them together enough to work on this mission? Find out in Rangers of the Divide #2 from Dark Horse Comics!

Review Save Yourself #1 Review 7.0

Save Yourself #1 Review

Gigi is a shut-in, who’s about to get a real education about who the heroes of her world really are.  Your Major Spoilers review of Save Yourself #1 from BOOM! Studios, awaits!

Review 9.0

The Good Asian #2 Review

A hatchet murder weapon indicates that the Tongs may be back in San Francisco! Never fear, Detective Edison Hark is on the case in The Good Asian #2 by Image Comics! 

Review DC Pride #1 Review 8.0

DC Pride #1 Review

From across the DC Universe, a celebration of LGBTQIA_ characters!  Your Major Spoilers review of DC Pride #1 from DC Comics awaits!

Review Children of the Atom #4 Review 7.0

Children of the Atom #4 Review

The Children of the Atom desperately want to be mutants.  Is one of them getting their wish?  Your Major Spoilers review of Children of the Atom #4 from Marvel Comics awaits!

Review Cherry Blackbird #1 Review 4.3

Cherry Blackbird #1 Review

She sold her soul for rock ‘n roll, but now the bill has come due.  Your Major Spoilers review of Cherry Blackbird #1 from Scout Comics awaits!

Review 8.0

Black Cotton #3 Review

Black Cotton reverses racial roles when a black cop shoots an innocent white girl. Check out how Zion, Elizabeth, and their respective families handle this crisis in Black Cotton #3 by Scout Comics! 

Review The Secret Land #1 Review 8.7

The Secret Land #1 Review

In The Secret Land #1 from Dark Horse Comics, Ben and Katherine continue their fight against the forces of fascism – Ben on a nameless beach in the Pacific, Katherine in the wastes of Antarctica as Die Glocke begins its evil plans.  What are they?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

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