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Review Ice Cream Man #16 Review 10.0

Ice Cream Man #16 Review

Mitch is a single Dad raising his daughter in an unsettling, dangerous world.  He’s doing his best, but is it enough.  When he starts reading his daughter’s journal, he realises just how fast Jen is growing up.  Can he find a way to connect with her in a way that protects her and gives her agency?  Should he?  Find out in your Major Spoilers review of Ice Cream Man #16 from Image Comics!

Review Batman, Nightwing, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, Robin, Talon, Court of Owls, DC, Dan Jurgens, Ronan Cliquet, Bludhaven, Nick Filardi, William Cobb, Beatrice, Jamie S. Rich, Gray Son, Gotham City, 8.7

Nightwing #66 Review

Poor Dick Grayson has REALLY been hit hard recently, what with a bullet hitting his brain and basically removing many of his memories. He’s moved out of Gotham City to Bludhaven, and he’s Ric now, someone who never seems to be able to avoid his true past.

Review Fantastic Four 2099 #1 Review 4.7

Fantastic Four 2099 #1 Review

In the far flung future, the search is on for a new family to rise up and fight the forces of evil. Your Major Spoilers review of Fantastic Four:2099 #1 from Marvel Comics, awaits!

Review Once & Future #4 Review 10.0

Once & Future #4 Review

Plans set in motion years ago are snowballing into action. Can Duncan and Rose keep up with the quest? Find out in this Major Spoilers Review of Once & Future #4 from BOOM! Studios.

Review Roku #2 Review 7.0

Roku #2 Review

Roku has succeeded in obtaining the weapon she was hired to steal, but the fact that it is a young girl is something of a surprise. Will she be able to complete her mission or will shadows from the past take her down? ROKU #2 is on store shelves now from Valiant Entertainment!

Review The Weatherman #5 9.0

The Weatherman Vol. 2 #5 Review

It’s the crew of the Disco Queen against the Biophagus, and the Biophagus against everyone. Will anyone make it out of here, or will they all be consumed? Find out in this Major Spoilers review of The Weatherman Vol. 2 #5 from Image Comics.

Review Marvel Action: Black Panther #6 Review 9.0

Marvel Action: Black Panther #6 Review

Wakanda is abuzz as the political summit and the scientific conference are both prepared to happen. But when big politics meet advanced science, there are sure to be some bad actors looking to take advantage. Will T’Challa and Shuri be able to keep it all under control? Find out in MARVEL ACTION: BLACK PANTHER #6 from IDW Publishing.

Review 8.3

Triage #3 (of 5) Review

Evie, Marco and Orbit are three versions of the same person from different realities trying to save themselves from Hunter. Find out if they survive in Triage #3 by Dark Horse Comics!

Review X-Men #2 Review 6.7

X-Men #2 Review

The new mutant homeland is located on Krakoa… but what is this OTHER island?  Your Major Spoilers review of X-Men #2 awaits!

Review Uncle Scrooge #50 Review 9.3

Uncle Scrooge #50 Review

The Beagle Boys are on the rampage and only Scrooge has the resources (and the allies) to stop them!  Your Major Spoilers review of Uncle Scrooge #50 awaits!

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