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Review 9.3

Reaver #10 – Review

Essen Breaker has been trying to become a better person. But it is hard to be a better person when your enemies are kidnapping children. Can the Devil’s Son and a Skineater rescue the missing children? Find out in Reaver #10 by Image Comics!

Review Daredevil #21 Review 7.3

Daredevil #21 Review

Daredevill has turned himself in for the crime of murder… but what happens now?  Your Major Spoilers review of Daredevil #21 from Marvel Comics awaits!

Review Batman #95 Review 9.7

Batman #95 Review

The Joker War is underway, and wow, is it gripping! Check out this review of Batman #95 from DC Comics.

Review 10.0

Die #12 Review

War is on the horizon and Ash must decide if she is willing to fight or find peace. Meanwhile, Angela has found her someone she thought was dead in the real world. Things are getting weird in DIE #12 by Image Comics!

Review Batman #94 Review 9.7

Batman #94 Review

This continues to be a golden era for fans of the Dark Knight. He’s getting the best of attention from the best Bat-creators, and that includes the current run up to issue #100.

Review Adventureman #2 Review 10.0

Adventureman #2 Review

Adventureman is just a story, right? But why does this new book have an address for them, and why is there suddenly a skyscraper in that location? Find out in Adventureman #2, from Image Comics!

Review Bitter Root #9 Review 10.0

Bitter Root #9 Review

While Blink and Enoch keep things together in Harlem, the other Sangeryes have gone to Georgia to find Adro. What else will they uncover? Find out in Bitter Root #9 from Image Comics!

Review Die #11 Review 8.3

Die #11 – Review

DIE is back with a new story arc! The party is still split with half the heroes trying to rule an empire and the other half on the run from it. Will they be able to get on the same page so they can return home? Find out in DIE #11 by Image Comics!

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