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Review Future State: Catwoman #1 Review 10.0

Future State: Catwoman #1 Review

In a future Gotham where vigilantes are rounded up and removed, it falls to Catwoman to rescue a handful of her Strays from a speeding train. Can she pull off the most daring train robbery of all time? Find out in Future State: Catwoman #3 from DC Comics!

Review Future State Immortal Wonder Woman #1 Review 9.0

Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1 Review

In the far flung future,  Diana and the remaining Amazons stand alone on Earth.  But for how long as an existential threat approaches?  Your Major Spoilers review of Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1, awaits!

Review 7.3

Rorschach #4 Review

Who is The Kid? And why are she and Rorschach dead? Your Major Spoilers review of Rorschach #4 from DC Comics Black Label awaits!

Sneak Peek Rorschach #4

PREVIEW: Rorschach #4

The detective following Rorschach’s trail turns his eyes toward the vigilante’s female companion and today, we get Laura’s story in Rorschach #4 from DC Comics.

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