Already stressed between school and keeping up with the ghosts of Rycroft Manor, Daphne is totally surprised when Kristi shows up in L.A. Has their friendship survived? Find out in Ghosted in L.A. #6 from BOOM! Studios.

Ghosted in LA #6 ReviewGHOSTED IN L.A. #6

Writer: Sina Grace
Artist: Siobhan Keenan
Colorist: Cathy Le
Letterer: D.C. Hopkins
Editor: Shannon Watters
Publisher: BOOM! Box
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 4, 2019

Previously in Ghosted in L.A.: Daphne’s friend Kristi takes things into her own hands and arrives in L.A. to see Daphne. Easier said than done. She meets Michelle, but Daphne is not in their room. Michelle sends her to Ronnie, but Daphne isn’t there either. He doesn’t let on about Rycroft Manor. Meanwhile, Daphne makes a connection with Zola through music, especially when they find a guitar as they explore the house. And then, in the basement, they find a mysterious door the ghosts cannot go through.


Ghosted in L.A. #6 opens with some of Ricky’s story. He’s a very recent ghost, most notable for how shy he is. It’s heartbreaking – he keeps reaching out to other to do things with them or even just be with them for a while, and they go on with their lives, not even registering the tentative overtures. And he was like this in life, too, as we see him gather his courage together to talk to a young woman, only to have someone else get to her first.

Daphne and Zola have bonded over the mystery of the door, and Zola becomes more involved in everyday life at Rycroft Manor. Shirley finds them and shares with them the story of her son, Sean, whose grave Daphne visited. When Shirley died, Sean moved back to L.A. She took a chance, having Agi invite him to Rycroft. His heart could not handle it. This is a partial explanation as to why Agi has all the rules she does. This doesn’t appease Zola much, but Daphne, always willing to look for the best in people, thinks they should cut her some slack.

Zola asks Agi about the door and doesn’t get any answer beyond what she’s already figured out. She is ready to demand answers when Shirley intervenes. This is when Zola first learns that all the ghosts have their own special powers, and suddenly she has something new and exciting in her afterlife.

Back on campus, Ronnie brings Kristi over to see Daphne and has about a tenth of a second to prepare her for the surprise visitor. Kristi has been calling and messaging her with no response and finds out that Daphne left her phone in her dorm room. Daphne is determined to keep Rycroft Manor secret and immediately starts lying. She says she’s living with Ronnie – but Kristi already knows she isn’t. Daphne then distracts her by finding things they can do to have fun. This works fine until evening when Daphne claims she has to study, but she won’t let Kristi come with her. Kristi gets insistent and Daphne basically breaks up with her friend and instantly feels miserable about it.


The art of Ghosted in L.A. #6 is lovely. Great care is taken with everyone’s clothing styles and their time periods. Admittedly, this is more clear on the female characters than on the men. The ghosts’ styles and outfits don’t change, so great care is taken with their emotions and facial expressions. Here, it is interesting to see Zola Tesla in action. Last issue she was distant and depressed. This time we see how she can turn on the charm, and how quickly she can turn against other people. She has a truly special moment when she learns that, as a ghost, she probably has a special power. For the first time we see her honestly looking excited and happy.

Poor Daphne! As soon as her life gets complicated, she falls into lying to try to avoid trouble. She’s a terrible liar, and as happy as she is to see Kristi, she is preoccupied with her other life and can’t wait for her to go. This also comes through clearly


Ghosted in L.A. #6 is an engaging story with a whole bunch of interesting ghosts, and we still don’t know why these people have lingered. This issue is a little painful to read, what with Daphne clearly making bad interpersonal decisions. But she wouldn’t have room to grow if she was right all the time.

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Ghosted in L.A. #6

Engaging Story

School, parents, friends, ghosts, and growing up.

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