Author Ingrid Lind-Jahn

By day, she’s a mild-mannered bureaucrat and Ms. Know-It-All. By night, she’s a dance teacher and RPG player (although admittedly not on the same nights). On the weekends, she may be found judging Magic, playing Guild Wars 2 (badly), or following other creative pursuits. Holy Lack of Copious Free Time, Batman! While she’s always wished she had teleportation as her superpower, she suspects that super-speed would be much more practical because then she’d have time to finish up those steampunk costumes she’s also working on.

Review Home Sick Pilots #2 Review 9.3

Home Sick Pilots #2 Review

Ami’s visit to the Old James House has trapped her into hunting missing ghosts. Can she face the traumas of this task alone? Find out in Home Sick Pilots #2 from Image Comics!

Review A Man Among Ye #4 Review 8.0

A Man Among Ye #4 Review

Anne Bonny’s crew of a few women thrown together by fate hatches a daring plan to rescue Jack Rackham. Can they outwit Woodes Rogers? Find out in A Man Among Ye #4 from Image Comics!

Review Big Girls #6 review 9.7

Big Girls #6 Review

The Behemic Initiator is working! Is creating giant people the answer to the fight against the Jacks, and is it the end of the Big Girls? Find out in Big Girls #6 from Image Comics!

Review The Autumnal #4 Review 10.0

The Autumnal #4 Review

Comfort Notch hides some secrets, one of which is the story of Clementine. Who was she, and why are people still terrified of her? Find out in The Autumnal #4 from Vault Comics!

Review Inkblot #5 Review 5.0

Inkblot #5 Review

The Seeker is determined to catch the Cat once and for all. But how do you catch a cat that can travel through time? Find out more in Inkblot #5 from Image Comics!

Review Future State: Wonder Woman #1 10.0

Future State: Wonder Woman #1 Review

When the time is right, a hero appears. Wonder Woman Yara Flor is on a mission to rescue a sister warrior. Can she fight her way to the Underworld? Find out in Future State: Wonder Woman #1 from DC Comics!

Review Canto II: The Hollow Men #4 Review 9.3

Canto II: The Hollow Men #4 Review

Canto’s quest is a race against time! What awaits in the Valley of the Lionhearted, beyond the Yellow Mountain? Find out in Canto II: The Hollow Men #4 from IDW Publishing!

Review 9.0

Colonel Weird: Cosmagog #3 Review

It’s down the rabbit hole once more as Randall Weird looks for what he has forgotten. As he goes deeper, are there answers, or only more questions? Find out in Colonel Weird: Cosmagog #3 from Dark Horse!

Review Amethyst #6 Review 8.0

Amethyst #6 Review

From excitement to despair, Amy faces the fact that her parents may have been up to no good. Does she have what it takes to face down Lord Opal alone? Find out in Amethyst #6 from DC Comics.

Review Killadelphia #11 Review 10.0

Killadelphia #11 Review

Philadelphia has gone dark and Jupiter is turning on Abigail. Will this put a stop to her plans? Find out in Killadellphia #11 from Image Comics!

Review Sera and the Royal Stars #10 Review 10.0

Sera and the Royal Stars #10 Review

It’s the climactic battle between the twin stars of Draco and the daughters of Parsa! Who will survive and who will be changed forever? Find out in Sera and the Royal Stars #10 from Vault Comics!

Review Big Girls #5 Review 8.0

Bad Girls #5 Review

It’s the showdown between the Big Girls and the Jacks, but can they fight their way out when they are so outnumbered? Find out in Big Girls #5 from Image Comics!

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