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Review Once and Future #7 Review 9.0

Once and Future #7 Review

As Duncan settles into a life of fighting the supernatural, a big incursion happens at the British Museum. What new threat emerges? Find out in Once & Future #7 from BOOM! Studios.

Sneak Peek Once and Future #7

[Preview] Once and Future #7

Although Bridgette and Duncan were able to escape the Otherworld, their adventure is only just beginning! Take the jump for a sneak peek of Once and Future #7 from BOOM! Studios.

Sneak Peek Folklords #5

[Preview] Folklords #5

It all comes to the boiling point in Folklords #5 from BOOM! Studios. The issue arrives in stores this week, and we have a sneak peek of the issue.

Sneak Peek Agnel and Spike #10

[Preview] Angel and Spike #10

Spike and his, uh, Team Spike of Fred, Gunn & their new ally Lorne race against the clock to find a supernatural artifact in this week’s Angel and Spike #10 from BOOM! Studios.

Review Wicked Things #1 Review 10.0

Wicked Things #1 Review

Charlotte Grote, teen detective is off to university. But first, can she win this year’s award for Teen Detective of the Year (16-18)? It’s mystery and mayhem in Wicked Things #1 from BOOM! Box.

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