Back in the 80s, the biggest teams in comics were the X-Men, mutants fighting to save a world they never made, and the Teen Titans, former sidekicks fighting to build lives out of the shadow of the Justice League.  The leaders of those those teams actually met head-to-head (though on what Earth that story takes place, even *I* dunno) and learned to work together.  These days, they’re mostly used for punchlines about Baby Hands or being dull, but there was a time when the choice of Cyclops or Robin was the choice of two top-notch heroes, excellent leaders and consummate professionals, leading to today’s alternate-leadership query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) doesn’t want to make this about Marvel versus DC, because if we did that Cosmic Boy would wipe the floors with all of ’em, asking: Which leader would you rather follow: Cyclops or Robin?


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  1. Any X-Men team is prone to high casualties, but since I’m not a mutant I feel my odds would be better, so Cyclops. Its about age and experience, because we are talking about young Dick here.

  2. Robin, hands down. The TV teen Titans had a really low death count and only had the tower destroyed once or twice. Robin may have baby hands but Cyclops always seemed kinda lame. If there was a leader that would make you do math homework it would be Cyclops.

  3. I never saw the original Teen Titans, but I have watched the new incarnation that is out now and it is atrocious which makes me default to Cyclops.

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