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The biggest disappointment I always have after a good gaming or geek out session is that I can’t cast a fireball irl. Metaphorically speaking; I would rather have some other power, but you get it! Anyway, I have been immersed in gaming and geek culture since I was a wee lad. I have the O.G. GameBoy+me+toilet pic to prove it… I originally went to school seeking fame through acting, but have decided to dive into film, media, and web social media to add to my arsenal.

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As announced at the San Diego Comic-Con, Panini America is bringing back the Dragon Ball Z card collecting game. Shane Pelzel sat down with Aik Tongtharadol, the lead designer for the game and 2001 World Champion from the original Score Dragon Ball CCG.

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“Just tell me these aren’t Alfred’s waffles.”  It seems as if Jason Todd and the gang have become a little stale the past few months, but I stick with them through thick and thin.  Will #8 take a turn for the better with the Night of the Owls event?  Find out after the jump…

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In the staff picks from last week, I claimed that Scarlet Spider is my favorite running comic. Reading 30-40 titles a month this is a bold statement to make. Does the fourth issue hold up to my expectations?

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Justice League #7 brings us ahead five years into the present day after finally ending the Darkseid situation.  I felt as if some parts dragged on previously in this series but was a great read overall.  Not to mention I was really getting tired of the red hues and shading.  Now that our foundation is built, where will the Justice League take us now?  Find out more after the jump!

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Grifter #1 was one of the first comics that I read.  I picked it up because I wanted to read about a character I had never heard about.  I originally fell in love with the series, but lately there has been a lack of character development and seeing the same ethereal baddies in every issue has become stale.  Midnighter from Stormwatch makes a cameo in this issue, but can Grifter #7 help revive this title?

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“Imperius Sex!” You can call me a comic book newb as I only started reading at the start of The New 52 after taking a series of Stephen’s classes last semester that immersed me into the culture. I wanted to branch out from DC and when I found out that Uncanny X-Men was getting a reboot renumbering I figured it was a snap call since I like starting a collection from #1. Can Uncanny X-Men deliver to a newb, or do I need to empty more of my wallet to follow the story?

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