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Geek History Lesson #304 – MAILBAG: Marvel/DC Crossovers & More!

We’re going to answer your emails, tweets and Facebook messages on a bonus episode of Geek History Lesson! Should Batman and Captain America team-up? We’ll answer it! What are our thoughts on Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season 8? We’ll answer it? What’s Ashley’s favorite place in Kansas? It’s gonna be ANSWERED! Enjoy and thanks for listening.

12 Uplifting Superhero Quotes

Things are a little tougher than usual right now, Spoilerites, but capes and tights unite so much of the comic book loving community. In the interest of celebrating what makes our heroes just that here are 12 Uplifting Superhero Quotes you can carry with you through your days. We’re hoping these will help you (and us!), find the superheroes living in all of us!

Review Far Sector #5 Review
Far Sector #5 Review 7.0

Green Lantern Jo Mullein has hit a wall in her investigation and the only way to move forward is to go back. Back to her beginnings. Your Major Spoiler review of Far Sector #5 from DC Comics, awaits!

Review Amethyst #2 Review
Amethyst #2 Review 6.7

Amethyst is having trouble finding allies. But wait – could the amethyst tiara from her Earth parents somehow help her out on the Gemworld? Find out in Amethyst #2 from DC Comics!

Review Batman #91 Review
Batman #91 Review 9.0

Batman #91 continues the first storyline from the comic’s new creative team. It’s a terrific tale that teams up his biggest baddies with some of his best allies!

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