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Variant Covers
Wonder Woman #750 features eight variant covers

On January 22, the landmark Wonder Woman #750 hits comic book stores and participating digital retailers, spotlighting Princess Diana and including incredible stories from her past, present and future. This oversized tribute to one of pop culture’s most enduring heroes is guaranteed to become a collectors’ item when it hits stores.

Sneak Peek Primer
[First Look] Primer

DC Comics has released this first look at Primer, a new middle-grade book ffrom writers Jennifer Muro and Thomas Krajewsi, with art by Gretel Lusky.

DC Shazam #8 Review
SHAZAM! #8 Review 7.7

More than anything else, Billy wants to meet his dad, but he has to rescue his siblings who are stranded in the Magiclands. Is there any way he can do both? Find out in Shazam! #8.

John Constantine Hellblazer #1 Review 9.0

 Constantine is back in London and is running into a new set of problems. Come check out the relaunched title that is now connected to Neil Gaimen’s Sandman Universe. Check out our review of John Constantine Hellbrazer #1 by DC Comics.

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