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Review Villainous #1 Review 8.0

Villainous #1 Review

Tilly’s dream has come true – she has been accepted as a sidekick by the Coalition of Heroes! How strange can her first day be? Find out in Villainous #1 from Mad Cave Studios!

Review Star Trek: Picard #2 Review 8.0

Star Trek: Picard #2 Review

Imprisoned on the Romulan colony world of Yuyat Beta, Picard must find a way to save not only himself and the colonist, but also the native inhabitants of the planet from an impending supernova. Will Picard win the day, or will his Romulan captors destroy a hard won trust? Find out in this exciting prequel series to the upcoming CBS streaming release. STAR TREK: PICARD #2 from IDW Publishing.

Sneak Peek Firefly #10

[Preview] Firefly #10

Zoe has finally returned with a Browncoat army to save Mal and depose Boss Moon in this week’s Firefly #10 from BOOM! Studios.

Review Transformers #11 Review 8.3

Transformers #11 Review

Sentinel Prime arrives to take a hand in the conflict, while Pax Orion pushes for a better way. It all goes sideways when Megatron makes a move that causes Bumblebee to be drawn deeper into the conflict. TRANSFORMERS #11 from IDW Publishing is on store shelves!

Sneak Peek Fence #12

[Preview] Fence #12

Here is your first look at Fence #12 from BOOM! Studios. The issue arrives at your local comic shop this week.

Boom Studios Fence #3

Fence #6

How about some hot and fast fencing action? You can find it in the pages of Fence #6 from BOOM! Studios. The issue by Johanna the Mad and C. S. Pacat arrives in stores on May 16, 2018.