Some years ago, in the earliest days of the MS-QOTD, I talked about the Metalocalypse cartoon, now mostly forgotten in the halls of comedic sociopathy.  Still, to this day I admire that show’s comedic straight man, Charles Foster Ofdensen, manager of the world’s most successful band, Dethklok.  Aside from his excessive levels of awesome, (One word: “Renovationklok.”  And I am aware that is not an actual word.) Ofdensen remains unflappable, even in the face of his charges complete lack of restraint, empathy or basic cognitive function.  In the great comic tradition, Charles serves as the perfect combination of majordomo and deadpan snarker, while always serving his client’s best interests, whether they understand it or not, leading to today’s bread-and-butter query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “Squiz-garr”) is taller than a tree yet not a bumblebee, doodly doo ding-dong doodly doodly doo, asking: Who is the greatest comedic straight man of all time?


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