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At his cosmic trial, The Blue Flame searches for a power beyond the Consensus. Does such a thing exist, or is Sam losing his grip on reality entirely? Find out in The Blue Flame #8 from Vault Comics.

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Selina and Harley have hit the road for some much needed rest and relaxation. But it seems like someone wants to crash the party. Your Major Spoilers review of Catwoman #43, awaits!

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Silk has aged into a hero well past her prime, but she is the only one who can defeat the life-sucking wraith! Find out if she can find her energy in Silk #5 by Marvel Comics! 

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While Lela starts putting together a revolution, Peris meets Governor Lohman. Are his efforts to find the mythical “Lost Suits” becoming a reality, or are they the dream of a fanatic Alphan? Find out in Armorclads #3 from Valiant Entertainment!

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You’ve inherited your great-aunt’s cabin in the woods, that no one has been to. What could go wrong? We’re about to find out in I Hate This Place #1 from Skybound Entertainment!

This week, Dan shares his recommendations for his top five hockey games.

We warriors take on Thorr and the rest of the gods as we explore Hammer of the Gods this week. We review The Fall Guy (yes, THAT Fall Guy), Micro-Face: A Planet Money Comic Book, Mindset #1, and Marvel’s Voices: Identity.

Some news from Asmodee this week as they have announced a new studio would be more appropriate for creating games or porting them and making them more accessible to people with cognitive disabilities.