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Rana Faraaz discovers she can stop time, a power that she believes is somehow related to the disappearance of the constellations. But how will she deal with discovering others who have powers as well? Find out in Starsigns #2 from Image Comics!

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Let’s travel back to 1936 and get involved in a murder/mystery as we talk about The Good Asian. We talk about the WGA Strike and the impacted shows, and we review Ghostlore #1 from BOOM! Studios and The Ambassadors #4 from Image Comics.

The Legend of Zelda is perhaps Miyamoto’s most personal game, coming out in 1985. Zelda unfolds more like a fantasy novel than a 10-minute thrill-ride, with an open world to explore and a definite, if simple, character arc. Legend of Zelda first launched over 30 years ago, and Link has starred in many adventures, each retelling an ancient tale. We’ll dive into the legend and history of the Zelda franchise before Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom hits.

In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: Sometimes it is hard to get something out of the library, but who knew it would be this hard to get in?

There is a new competitive DnD board game slated for August, and Dan Patriss has all the details in this week’s Munchkin Land.

We travel back to see the first time the Guardians of the Galaxy got together, we learn the origin of Skrull Bryan, and we just might learn a little something along the way. We review Wasp #4 from Marvel Comics, Flash #798 from DC Comics, and Lamentation #1 from Oni Press! Plus, are digital comics dying?

In addition to being impressive and awesome in the MCU, Nebula’s character in the comics is quite different from her film counterpart. The movies only show a small portion of Nebula’s true self. How does Nebula fit into the Marvel Comics and Guardians of the Galaxy universe?