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Jess is in Hell and has no idea Adira is trying to trap her there. When her friends also arrive there, will they be able to help her, or are they only a distraction and complication? Find out in Grim #9 from BOOM! Studios.

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Got a chess lover in your life, and want to bring them the rest of the way to the world of tabletop games? Dan has five games that might help you out!

We take a look Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow! Clancy Brown is Sal Maroni, Star Trek Discovery is coming ot an end, and be on the lookout for Hawk The Slayer! We review Don’t Spit in the Wind #1, Clear #1, and Adventures of Superman Jon Kent #1. It all happens, after the jump!

Of all the strange transformations Superman has undergone in his entire history, none has been quite so derided as the year when his familiar costume and powers were replaced with a blue and white “containment suit.”

What happens if you get trapped IN the game? We find out as we take a look at the first half of Die from Image Comics. We talk new Lord of the Rings, and more comics from Robert Kirkman, too. We review Buffy the Vampire Slayer Special from BOOM! Studios, Savage Dragon #264 and Phantom Road #1 from Image Comics, and X-O Manowar Unconquered #1 from Valiant Entertainment.