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Hal Jordan has reached Planet Oa.  Now he just has to figure out how to free it from the evil regime it’s currently found itself under.  Your Major Spoilers Review of Green Lantern #10 from DC Comics, awaits!

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Monster hunting is tough work, but in the Floodlands, it does not pay well. The government, on the other hand, does pay in cash. But is there a catch? Find out in Monsters Are My Business #1 from Dark Horse!

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Will we finally discover who is behind the mask!? Will we finally find out who is Sensor Girl!? Or are we just projecting our wishes once again?

The gods are fighting and a family of three are the only ones who can save the day! Plus a Major Spoiler for Cobra Commander #3, The Holy Roller from Image Comics returns, and we get a glimpse of things to come When the Blood Has Dried #1 from Mad Cave Studios

This week, we travel to The Hole to see what is going on in Dorohedoro. We review Helen of Wyndhorn from Dark Horse Comics, Power Rangers: The Return #2 from BOOM! Studios, and take a peek at the Nacelleverse #0 from Oni Press!