Review Adventureman #2 Review 10.0

Adventureman #2 Review

Adventureman is just a story, right? But why does this new book have an address for them, and why is there suddenly a skyscraper in that location? Find out in Adventureman #2, from Image Comics!

Review Buffy teh Vampire Slayer Willow #1 9.0

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow #1 – Review

Willow is running away from Sunnydale after the events of Hellmouth. But where do you go if you have no direction? Willow find herself in a dangerous situation and must rely on her instinct and magic in WILLOW #1 by BOOM! STUDIOS.

Podcast Top Five

Top Five Horror Movies

This week, it is time to turn the lights down low, grab a bowl of popcorn, and make sure all the doors are locked, because we are watching horror movies!


Dueling Review: Strange Academy #2

It’s been a while since school was in session, but at least we can pick right back up where we left off with a look at Strange Academy #2 from Marvel Comics.

Review Death of Nancy Drew #2 9.0

The Death of Nancy Drew #2 Review

Nancy Drew fakes her death so she can investigate the attempt on her life and finds herself among the remains of the Syndicate. Are they still around, and how deep do they go? Find out in The Death of Nancy Drew #2 from Dynamite Entertainment!

Review 8.0

Elephantmen #1 – Review

Richard Starkings returns to Elephantmen and brings us a new story! How are these elephantmen integrated into society? Are they still feared? Find out in ELEPHANTMEN #1 (OF 5) by comiXology!

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