Sneak Peek Ghosted in LA #9

[First Look] Ghosted in LA #9

BOOM! Studios has released a first look at the upcoming Ghosted in LA #9 from series writer Sina Grace, artist Siobhan Keenan, and colorist Cathy Le, that is available for your viewing pleasure… after the jump.

Review Joker Killer Smile Review 7.3

Joker: Killer Smile Book 3 of 3 Review

Joker: Killer Smile Book Three continues DC’s exploration of the character of the Clown Prince of Crime, and I’m not certain even this great creative team has solved the mystery that is the Joker.

Sneak Peek Leviathan Dawn

[Preview] Leviathan Dawn #1

There is a new Leviathan Dawn special arriving in stores this week, and we have the sneak peek for you from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev.

Sneak Peek Dial H for Hero #12

[Preview] Dial H for Hero #12

Will the power of the H-Dial be lost forever? Find out in this final issue of Dial H for Hero #12 from DC Comics. The issue arrives in stores tomorrow.

Sneak Peek Red Sonja & Vampirella meet Betty & Veronia #9

[Preview] Red Sonja & Vampirella Meet Betty & Veronica #9

If you are going to travel to another dimension, you can’t go wrong by taking Red Sonja, Vampirella, and Betty and Veronica with you. Or you could just take the jump and read this preview of Red Sonja and Vampirella meet Betty and Veronica #9 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Chastity #5

[Preview] Chastity #5

Chastity is up to her elbows in blood — some of it is even her own! Find out what happens next by checking out this sneak peek of Chastity #5 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Books of Magic #17

[Preview] Books of Magic #17

Tim’s doppelgänger has proven to be a surprisingly seductive ally…but he’ll do anything it takes to stay here in our world! Here is your sneak peek of Books of Magic #17 from DC Comics.

Solicitations The Troll Guide

Dark Horse warns you to beware the Trolls

Are you confused about the difference between Mountain Trolls and Lowland Trolls? Dark Horse has you covered with The Troll Guide from Swedish creator Anders Skoglind, which is scheduled to arrive as an English translation in July 2020.

Sneak Peek Basketful of Heads #5

[Preview] Basketful of Heads #5

Joe Hill and Leomacs Basketful of Heads continues this week at DC Comics. The publisher sent us a sneak peek of Basketful of Heads #5 that is available for you, right now.

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