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Last time, I talked about how filmmaker James Cameron was hoping there would be “Avengers Fatigue,” meaning people would eventually tire of what he considered repetitive storylines.

Well, “Avengers Fatigue” didn’t happen this past weekend – in fact, far from it!

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You can always tell when superhero and other comics-related films are doing well – someone brings up a “fatigue” they hope moviegoers are experiencing!

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During its panel at the New York Comic Con, Dark Horse Comics announced it was working with 20th Century Fox and James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment to bring Avatar to the comic book pages.

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I think I may be a “film snob.” Great way to lead off a review, right? Let me back up a moment. Months ago, when the teaser trailer for James Cameron’s newest epic Avatar hit “the Intardwebz,” I wasted no time mocking, ridiculing, and berating the film. I cranked up my petty squabbling after production stills, behind-the-scenes looks, and the full trailer were made available. Like so many other jaded movie-know-it-alls I joined in the choir of fanboys shouting “THEY LOOK LIKE GIANT SMURFS!!!” Then it hit me – I was bashing a film I HADN’T SEEN YET. Now, not

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Film School Rejects has a tasty bit of information regarding a new Heavy Metal movie; James Cameron, Zack Snyder, Gore Verbinski, and David Fincher have all signed on to direct segments.  If this is news is solid and true, then count me impressed.  In addition to this this, Mark Osborne and Jack Black will also direct a comedy segment for the film, with two more directors to be announced later. Either this is going to be one long ass movie, or the segments are going to be incredibly short.  I just hope everyone takes the spirit of the comic magazine

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