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Review Last Flight Out #1 Review
Last Flight Out #1 Review 4.0

The Earth has less than 24 hours,  but not everyone is going to make it off the planet.  Your Major Spoilers review of Last Flight Out #1 from Dark Horse, awaits!

Review The Worst Duded #4 Review
The Worst Dudes #4 Review 5.3

The absolute worst dudes in the galaxy are on the hunt for a missing pop star.  Can they overcome their own flaws to prevail?  Your Major Spoilers review of The Worst Dudes #4 from Dark Horse Comics awaits!

Lucky Devil #2 Review 9.0

Stanley has decided what to do with his demon lord powers. He is going to be a figure for the ignored and downtrodden. Find out what his cult is scheming in Lucky Devil #2 by Dark Horse Comics! 

Review Groo Meets Tarzan #2 Review
Groo Meets Tarzan #2 Review 9.0

Will Sergio be eaten by a lion? Will Mark get paid? Will Tarzan find the slavers? Will Groo find some cheese dip? Find out in Groo Meets Tarzan #2 from Dark Horse Comics!

Review Rangers of the Divide #4 Review
Rangers of the Divide #4 Review 7.0

The Cadets and the Commander have a run-in with one of the giants. Will the Commander come clean, and how much will he tell the Cadets? Find out in Rangers of the Divide #4 from Dark Horse Comics!

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