White Ash is a small town with an interesting secret. Dwarves and Elves live hidden amongst the town’s population! Check out White Ash Season Two #1 by Scout Comics!

White Ash Season Two #1WHITE ASH SEASON TWO #1

Writer: Charlie Stickney
Artist: Conor Hughes
Colorist: Fin Cramb
Letterer: Conor Hughes
Editor: Nicole Dandria
Publisher: Scout Comics
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: December 1st, 2021 

Previously in White Ash: White Ash is back with a new season of story! Follow Aleck, a half-dwarf/half-human man, who is trying to learn more about his past and Lillian, an elf from a very dangerous family. Together, they must keep the town safe from new and old evils alike!


White Ash Season Two #1 starts with a plethora of small scenes. Some centered around the dwarves and elves. Others talked about Rachelle finding courage to ask Aleck out. Aleck though is having a late night rendezvous with Lillian where she teases him continuously about his attraction to her. However, there isn’t time for any inappropriate behavior because Lillian must return back home. In fact, her main objective was to tell Aleck about creatures that may be in the area.

The next day, the dwarves try to convince Aleck to come to a secret meeting while Sheriff Gregson looks for information about a kidnapping and missing person. The  thinks that Mr. Alden may be hiding more than what he is saying. Aleck and Lillian search for the Brood. During their hunt, they save a woman that is attacked by two monstrosities. Before they can celebrate their victory, Thane’s men show up and forces Aleck to run. As he heads home, Aleck is kidnapped and taken to a celebration. It seems that he is next in line to become King of the Dwarves!


I admit that I fell off of White Ash early in the first series. I don’t remember some of these relationships and plot points as well as I should. White Ash Season Two #1 does a great job showing us what each character is all about and hinting at many of these relationships. While I didn’t understand everything, I never felt completely lost in the story. I think this had to do with the pacing of how the characters were introduced. We introduced the characters page by page instead of just all at once. So, I got a good grasp about each character’s personality quickly.

I really liked this relationship between Aleck and Lillian, and I am not sure why. I think it is the constantly battle between the logical (keeping people appeased and hunting the monsters) and the illogical (the romantic tension between the two). That constant dynamic makes the two of them work really well on the page. There is also a cool plotline involving the future of the two races. It seems that Lillian is the only female elf and there are no female dwarves. Meaning in a way, their relationship can’t work for the future of the elven people. Great job from the creative team presenting two engaging and diverse characters.


White Ash Season Two #1 makes me want to back track and read the previous series. While I think this issue is new reader friendly, I think knowing the first series would provide more reading enjoyment. Regardless, this is a 4.5 out of 5 from me. This double sized issue is worth every penny, and I am looking forward to next issue and seeing what this creative team creates.

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White Ash Season Two #1

Worthy Pick Up

White Ash Season Two #1 does a great job presenting our two main characters in an engaging and complex way!

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