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Top Five is a show where the hosts categorize, rank, compare, and stratify everything… from cars to gadgets to people and movies. From stuff that is hot, and things that are not nearly as interesting – it’s Top Five.

This week, we move away from movies and take a look at fictional villains.  Will Goldfinger make the list?  What about Captain Hook?  We had to narrow our list down to five, and you’ll have to listen to find out who made the cut, and who didn’t.


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  1. For some reason the “Top Five” gets out a little late here in Europe. So once again without hearing the podcast here are my list of top five fictional villains.

    Scar – From the Lion King; Disney has produced many a vile villain. But this guy kills his brother, blame his nephew, sell out his people to the hyenas. And behind it all is a tragic tale of a misunderstud and unappreciated cub who got nothing and saw his brother get it all.

    Prof. Moriatry; Any man that can play off the worlds greatest detective (No, no, no Stephen Batman is not the worlds greatest detictive) needs to be on this list. In the 2010 series Sherlock from BBC Moriatry was totally bad A.

    The Joker; “Im a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with it if I got one!” Bam there it is. The essence of the Joker. He is the chaos that shows us what order is. The unpredictable lightning that come out of a clear cloud and torch our house with all our children. While Jack Nickelson is a great actor I never really cared for his Joker, as that version had a clear originstory and was too logical. The beauty of the joker is the mystique.

    Skeletor; This guy have given me countless hour of intertainment as a kid so he gets a “place of honor” on the list. What he lack in skills he make of for en endurance. It really takes a great villain to take one beating after the other and just come back up and give it another go – Skeletor is king in this diciplin.

    Darth Vader; Puts the A in bad a@@. I don’t really know what else to say. “Don’t underestimate the power of the dark side!”

  2. I have to say, Mathews choices were very inspired…Stefano DiMera, of course! What a fantastically entertaining villain. Clones, body doubles, hidden passageways, mind control. even the occasional battle with the devil over a soul. He even tries being a good citizen just to put his new plan in order. In fact, when he died the final time, I assumed he’d just come back, until I heard the actor left the show. Silly me, stefano put his mind in some other body to continue his evil plans.

    I also have to agree on how much I enjoyed Marc Alamo’s Gul Ducat. You hate him, then root for him, only for him to betray you and you hate him again. DS9 is my favorite star trek series

    The only other choice I’d bring to the table that wasn’t mentioned, was the ever plotting Doctor Victor Von Doom. His character was so multi dimensional, much like Rodrigo’s assessment of Magneto, he was just so interesting to see in action. You even got to see what would happen If the “evil” Dr. Doom did conquer the world in the graphic novel “Emperor Doom”. He cure disease, stopped famine and war, and generally made the world a nicer place, all for the price of bowing to his awesomeness. His subjects in Latveria want for nothing, and were even upset at the Fantastic Four for ousting their benevolent tyrant ruler. If it was’t for Reed Richards and Dooms ego, he would have been the worlds greatest humanitarian. The most interesting Villains don’t see themselves as villains.

  3. I honestly expected to see Dan Jurgens at the top of Matthew’s list.

    Rodrigo’s choice of GLaDOS was a great one–she is one of the most delightfully evil characters we’ve seen in a while, and I was happily surprised by the choice of Strong Bad (mostly because I often forget he’s a villain, despite the indicative “Bad” built right into his name)

    In no particular order, I would probably choose:

    Miles Edgeworth (Phoenix Wright series)
    Edgey is the classic antagonist who comes in showing no mercy and giving everything he has to obliterate the protagonist, but then we find out he has a human side as well, even to the point where he becomes the protagonist in his own series later on. The DL-6 Incident stands as one of the greatest cases in the entire Phoenix Wright series, primarily because of Miles Edgeworth, and his appearances in later games were always incredible.

    GLaDOS (Portal series)
    For all the reasons Rodrigo said, with the addition of having the world’s best one-liners. Some of the things GLaDOS says (especially in Portal 2, when she is *SPOILERS* POTaTOS) are so perfect. Her balance of evil and hilarity, moderated with the eerily computerized voice of Ellen McLain managed to make a villain the likes of which I had never seen before

    Manga Khan (Justice League International, Formerly Known as the Justice League)
    JLI, specifically through Formerly Known as the Justice League, are how I cut my teeth on comics. In the process, I was introduced to a strange villain who absolutely hated the Super-Buddies, for reasons I didn’t entirely know at the time, but neither did I need to know them. The ending, from the point where Maxwell Lord socked Manga Khan (and nearly broke his hand in the process), to the point where it was revealed Manga did everything he did for the hope of retrieving his lost love L Ron, I was rolling on the floor laughing. Manga is a fantastic comic villain, and one who I hope returns.
    Sidenote: When Generation Lost was announced, a friend and I came up with an elaborate theory for why Maxwell Lord went evil and did everything he did that involved Manga Khan infecting L Ron with a trojan horse during Formerly Known as the Justice League that corrupted Maxwell Lord and turned him evil, turning L Ron into a slightly nefarious presence and making Manga Khan the big bad that nearly did in the entire superhero community via Infinite Crisis (and also exonerating Maxwell Lord to a degree, and giving him an opportunity to return to hero status)

    Mister Nebula, Planetary Designer (Justice League International)
    Another villain from the JLI days, Mister Nebula is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe (and an analog to Galactus), mostly because his powers are so ill-defined. He is a planetary designer, meaning he goes out to planets and remakes them using his artistic eye, which is incredibly gaudy and tacky. He himself is ridiculous looking, being a particular offensive shade of mauve with one of the tackiest vests of all time. An honorary mention goes out to the Scarlet Skier, his herald, who goes down as the worst villain of all time since he was defeated by G’Nort.

    My fifth spot is a hard one–honorable mentions include Lex Luthor, the Joker (as written by Grant Morrison, especially), Vandal Savage and a few others, but I have to give the nod to
    I love how calm and collected Darkseid generally is, standing with his hands clasped behind his back and just being a boss while not taking any crap from anyone. Occasionally he loses his cool when engaged in heavy fisticuffs, but for the most part he is just so confident and, ironically, peaceful-seeming. My first introduction to him was, again, in Justice League International, when the JLI traveled to Apokolips, and Darkseid just calmly escorted them out.

  4. DOOM! My first FF comic was, coincidentally, #258 – the spotlight on Doom issue. In it, his people adore/fear him, he atomizes a scientist he suspects of scheming, and surprisingly condemns a young boy – one he seemed to love – to be his failsafe. That was my introduction to Doom. His exploits and holy crap moments are too many to mention, but one great moment in the not too distant past that sums up his grandeur, supreme confidence, and general badassery: when he was confined to Hell and was beset upon by a legion of monsters (I think in an issue of Thor), he shouts at the horde something to the effect of “Come – there is Doom enough for all!” He’s more compelling as Magneto, yet is more vain, selfish, and does not have a worldview like Magneto you could almost sympathize with. He always loses to the Fantastic Four, but he’s infintely more interesting than the four of them combined. And he’s so badass, he inspired Darth Vader. Need I say more?

  5. 5. Lord John Whorfin/Emilio Lizardo from Buckaroo Banzai – A villain so ridiculously over the top you can’t help but love him, it’s amazing John Lithgow didn’t gain 1000 pounds with all that scenery chewing. He puts women in peril, abuses his lessers and is literally a cosmic schmuck.

    4. Sauron – The template for every modern fantasy villain out there from the Emperor in Star Wars to Voldemort, and then some. A synthesis of faceless unrelenting evil pulled from all sorts of mythological source material he was the baddest of the bad.

    3. Big Brother from 1984 – Fictional even within his own universe Big Brother represented an oppressive, horrible, soul crushing system from which there was no escape.

    2. Number 2 from The Prisoner – A different character in almost every conflict with 6, Number Two represented the singular system that Number 6 defied, with many faces. They battled over issues of control, freedom identity , and individuality. Number 2 was always great.

    1. Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Voldemort is evil on an epic scale, like Sauron, or the Emperor from Star Wars. Delores Umbrige is far more terrifying in that she is the evil we run into every day. She is a villain that is all too plausible. We’ve all met her at one time or another. She is the bureaucrat, manager or teacher, turned into the little dictator over her own little kingdom. With a taste for power, she willing to exercise it to its fullest extent in hope of getting more. Oh how I hate her!

  6. 5th: Starscream, treacherous, evil and a cool plane. He’ll stab you in the back and invent an almost believable scenario in which half killing you was done to save you. Will never forget when he finally usurps a deeply wounded Megatron’s by throwing him off the ship “Wait! I still function” *whispers Megatron* “Wanna bet?” says Starcream.

    4th: Doctor Dinosaur, he’s so much fun I actually want to see him beat Robo a little, or a lot. He’s a classic villain, stealing settings/vocabulary cliches from fictional villains and refusing to admit it.

    3rd: Kay Winn, she tries to under mind the emissary at every corner for the only reason that she feels she should be the religious leader of her people. I saw her as an evil Pope trying to take the place of Jesus, even if it means killing him by selling her soul to the Romans. Gal Dukat was a likable villain, Kay Winn I wanted to see die a horrible death every time she was onscreen.

    2nd: Doctor Doom, he’s a genius/wizard/head of state that actually kinda looks out for his people and he speak in the third person, what’s not to like?

    1st: Sephiroth, for the longest time I couldn’t think “bad guy” without One Winged Angel playing in my head. The guy just oozes evil, what if the Anti-Christ was an angry mama’s boy with too much power in his hands? Add a Nodachi, long silver hair and the answer is Sephiroth.

  7. A. Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
    Although he comes back in multiple games, he was freakin’ creepy in OoT, and from the moment you see him, you know he’s evil.
    He is immortal, has super-human strength, and just keeps coming back for more trouble. On top of it all he can turn into a giant Pig Beast. He is the cause of the majority of Hyrule’s citizen’s being turned into zombies, he is the cause of hyrule being flooded, he captures young maidens, He can teleport and shapeshift and all kinds of other nasty stuff. He is Evil.

    B. Dirk Anger (Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.)
    He’s hilarious, he’s riddled with horrible secrets you just don’t want to know about him. and he is terrible at pretty much everything he does. He’s pretty much a pawn, but still just an ass towards everyone.

    C. Dr. Dinosaur (Atomic Robo)
    Although Helsingard is the big bad in Atomic Robo, Dr. Dinosaur is the more hilarious, nonsensical foil to Atomic Robo’s generally logical and sassy self. He makes no sense whatsoever, can generally get the upper hand on robo somehow, and his assurance that he has traveled through time thanks to crystals, all around just make him brilliant. He’s so brilliant, that the creators have to hold him back, because people love him too much. He is definitely one of the best villains.

    D. Lord Havelock Vetinari, Patrician of Ankh Morporkh (Discworld series)
    Although some may say he is the lesser of many evils, and he never takes front and center on any book, he is the man that can make the madness of Anh-Morporkh run and keep him at the top of it. He is the only silent, subtle and smart genius among a horde of madmen. Now he doesn’t do anything particularly evil, but only an evil genius could make Ankh Morporkh work for him. He has full control, he has the power to do anything, but the wisdom to know exactly when to do something to make sure he can continue doing whatever he wants. There is no hero, There is no definite evil being committed, but he is without a doubt a villain.

    And I can’t think of a fifth that really does it for me, maybe I’ll come back later.

  8. Also you guys should do a “On the next top 5…” So we can give our opinions first, and then maybe you can work some of them into the podcast.

  9. This comment is for the next installment of Top 5: The top five things that should never have been canceled.

    My pick: Major Spoilers podcast. Hello, future people!

  10. Top 5: The top five things that should never have been canceled.

    5th: Legends of the Dark Knight, why? To steal Stephen’s thunder if nothing else ;-)

    4th: Power Girl, the last run was superb, but while Karen Starr has a spot as Mr Terrific girlfriend Power Girl is nowhere to be seen…

    3rd: Birds of Prey, it’s really too bad they cancelled it after Gail Simone left, wait they didn’t cancel it and it’s an ongoing now you say? Nope, no Gail Simone and no resemble to the original team = canceled to me.

    2nd: Immortal Iron Fist, loved that series, the 7 Heavenly cities arc was perhaps the best martial art story I’ve ever seen or read, period.

    1st: Firefly, it was such a cool space cowboy series, while the movie and comic books gave it a new life after cancellation I still miss my band of misfits on tv.

  11. My favorite two villains who I completely expected to show up on the list (somewhere, even in the-didn’t-quite-make-it list) are:

    Lex Luthor – In the same way Superman inspired every superhero that came after him, Lex Luthor is the mold in which every other comic book villain was formed. He should be the world’s saviour, but his own pettiness won’t allow it. He continually casts himself as the supreme villain while fooling himself into thinking he’s a philanthropist.

    Dr Doofensmirtz – Despite constant defeat, he never gives up. The man’s relentless, even in the face of Agent P.

  12. #1: Sauron from Lord of the Rings (book version): Just as Lord of the Rings was the prototype for modern fantasy fiction, Sauron is the prototype for all fantasy God-like wanna-be villains.
    #2: Sauron from the LOTR (movie version): Okay, they couldn’t show an invisible God-like villain on screen, so the empty spiky armor was a good choice. And the flaming eyeball was wicked!
    #3: Darth Vader: Come on! He was the prototypical bad ass for the new age! Without him we wouldn’t have had the Micronauts, whose villain was a direct rip-off of Vader except for his cool centaur form, and all the other armored black baddies who followed. Nor would we have had Dark Helmet!
    #4: Harcord Fenton Mudd from Star Trek. Not exactly evil, but a completely amoral, unprincipled lout and the only repeat villain from the Original Series. I always wondered if the trader who unleashed the tribbles on Space Station K-1 was modeled on Mudd, too. Perhaps the actor who played Mudd twice before was unavailable to reprise the role.
    #5: Boris and Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle. These buffoons are still hilarious even after the collapse of the cold war. Go watch the episode where Boris and Natasha unleash Goof Gas on the United States. Hilarious! These two unrelenting idiots were constantly outsmarted by a dimwit moose and a squirrel. If a team like them don’t qualify, then I put Snidely Whiplash from Dudley Dooright of the Mounties in their place. Once again, an innept villain who is constantly outwitted by a dimwit. Sort of like Steven and Matthew, only funnier.

  13. 5 – Saroumane from LOTR. He is so crazy but more “human” than Sauron.
    4 – Agent Smith from the Matrix. He embodies the the calculating villain.
    3 – Darth Vader from Star Wars – The best villain ever. Deep back story. Deep emotional resonance with the main protagonist. Scrapped by the awful prequels.
    2 – Milady de Winter from the 3 musketeers – Also the best villain. Scrapped by the crappy recent movie. Previous wife of one of the protagonist, she is a passionate villain.
    1 – Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. Yeah I know. It’s a personnal choice and I don’t have any reason but the catch phrase: If he dies, he dies!

  14. I was really happy to hear Matthew put forward Gul Ducat, who I think is probably the best Star Trek villian (second only to Khan Noonian Singh).

    I have to add Black Adam to the list.
    He is a great comic book villain, showing us what happens when the ultimate power is given to the wrong person. Someone who is at time sympathetic, and honestly believes he has noble goals, but who is not willing to accept the personal ethical responsibility that comes with his great power.

  15. Okay, my top 5 fictional villains list. I’ve tried to pick ones no one else has picked. :)

    5. Darryl Revok (movie, Scanners). A man who has been corrupted by his own power, given to him through a sinister government experiment. A man who wants nothing more than to tear down the structures of power and see the world burn. Oh, and he explodes other people’s heads.
    On a personal note, Scanners is one of the few movies where the * commercials* for the movie gave me nightmares.

    4. Doviculus (Video Game, Brutal Legend). Some villains make this list because they’re scary, some because they’re tragic. Doviculus makes this list because he is awesome! A demon lord who appears very little in the game, but whose mark is left on the very earth itself. A villain who shows up near the end of the game to tell the hero that, BTW, everything you’ve done to earn freedom for your people has made me stronger. Oh, and he plays an unholy 4 necked guitar. And is voiced by Tim Curry.

    3. Ryoji (Video Game, Persona 3) A young boy, who is also the avatar of death. A tragic figure who, at one point, gives you a choice: fight him and die as the world dies, or forget he exists and live a longer time in ignorance of the coming apocalypse. A character who, it turns out, has been accompanying you on your entire journey, unknowing that he would one day be your doom. Tragic villain personified.

    2. Kreia (Video game, Knights of the Old Republic 2) Darth Vader is a pansy. Kreia doesn’t just take on the jedi, or the sith, or the republic. Kreia’s enemy is effing Force itself! She spits in the eye of the very force that binds the universe together. She is a puppet who reaches past her strings and attempts to strangle the puppeteer. And she almost succeeds. Love her or hate her, love or hate the game, Kreia earns her number 2 spot through sheer cheek.

    1. Dolorus Umbridge (Books, Harry Potter series) Voldemort was, at one point, going to fill this spot. But, at the end of all things, I felt sorry for Moldeyvort. I hoped, in some small part of me, that he might be redeemed in some way. Not Umbridge. Not the foul monster hiding behind pink bows and cute pictures of cats. Umbridge never had my sympathy, or empathy, or compassion. From the moment she interrupts Dumbledore at the start of term feast to the day the trio leaves her in a room crawling with Dementors, Umbridge only had my loathing and bitter hatred. She is number one on my list simply because she is so irredeemable and so hateful.

  16. 5. My fifth choice is a sweet transvestite from Transylvania, Dr. Frankenfurter. Frank creates a man-toy, kills Meatloaf, sleeps with just about everyone in the cast, and by the end of the movie is almost pitied because of the song “I’m going home.” Tim Curry plays Frank with just a phenomenal sense of fun and snide.

    4. Most people may not even consider this next one a “villain”. In fact, even at the ending of the movie, he is lying prone on a dusty floor saying, “I don’t deserve this, to die like this. I was building a house.” I’m speaking of Gene Hackman’s sheriff in Unforgiven. The way his character is portrayed in the movie always makes me question who really is the good guy. Is it the brutal man (Eastwood) going after the bad guys, or the brutal man (Hackman) who bullies anyone trying to get the bad guys.

    3. One line for my number three. “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” Nicholson, like Hackman, plays a villain that we can’t really condemn. Yes, he is responsible for being a brute that has a man killed but is also in charge of a very tough post in Cuba.

    2. Bill the Butcher from Gangs of New York. Daniel Day Lewis plays a remarkable gang leader in the slums of New York that is both cut throat and ambitious. As most people can probably tell by now, I do enjoy villains who aren’t just straight villains. Bill loves America and the principles he stands by. He just goes about defending those things in a more straightforward manner.

    1. Darth Vader from the episodes IV though VI. I like my Vader to be the utmost of evil until the end when he gains a heart and destroys the emperor. I don’t acknowledge any other Darth Vaders that may have appeared before those Star Wars episodes. If a ten year old in a car commercial can play a better Darth than you, please stop trying! I’m looking at you Hayden Christianson!

  17. Lots of good villains discussed already — the only one I would add to the list is Lumbergh from Office Space. It’s really very simple: everyone loves to hate Lumbergh. You can’t watch ten minutes of the movie without utterly despising him and everything he stands for. What more do you want from a villain?

  18. 5. Gaston (beauty and the beast) Its been years since I’ve seen this movie but I remember, even when I was young, I was like ” holy Sh*t this guys gonna fight that beast!?” He knuckled up and went after him like a champ unlike most Disney villains who go about things in a more cowardly way.

    4.Ozymandias (watchmen) sure his intentions were good but he killed soooooo many people. I suppose it depends on what you consider to be a villain.

    3.Thanos (Marvel Universe) I don’t think any other villain has accomplished what Thanos has in the Marvel universe. He killed half the universe just to impress death. He defeated the cosmic entities including eternity and becomes the actual living embodiment of the universe. Hes not some small time run of the mill villain, hes a true threat to all life in the Marvel universe.

    2.Tyler Durden (fight club) While I sort of consider him a hero, he , like Ozymandias was willing to “crack a few eggs to make an omelet” Nothing stood in his way to realize his vision (besides himself of course). For all intents and purposes he was a terrorist, the coolest terrorist ever! In Tyler we trust.

    1. Daniel Plainview (there will be blood) By far my favorite villain. What an evil A**hole. He used a child to appear as if he was a family man and then when the child becomes a burden he abandons him on a train going to wherever. He makes a preacher denounce his faith and humiliates him in front of no one, for no particular reason and then beats him to death. This is just a few of the evil things this bastard does. After I saw There will be blood, he haunted me for days. Now that’s a villain.

  19. 5. The Hero (Any RPG video game). Sure the hero may have saved the world by completing the main quest line, but at what cost. If you have played an RPG like the Elder Scrolls series, you will know what I mean. Sooner or later, the player will get bored, and before you know it, the hero has gone and massacred everyone in a village. and once the hero has found the invincibility cheat, nothing stops him/her from killing every single NPC in the game world. While not a set villain, this one made it due to the player making a soo called Hero into a villain, and because of all the damage they can potentially do.
    4. Darth Maul (Star Wars) The one notable part of Episode I, what Maul lacks in substance he more than makes up for in being a bada$$. Being one of the most popular villains in the Star Wars series, he emphasizes physical power more than any other villain, and comes across as an intimidating figure. Sure he got cut in half by a Padwan, but he had the courage to go up against two Jedi at once, and still managed to take one of them out.
    3. The Dark One/Michio (The Final War Chronicles) Ok, I cheated with this one, being as he is from a book series that hasn’t come out yet, and one that I am still in the process of writing. Even though I don’t like to show off my work when it isn’t done, I still thought I should talk about him. Michio, otherwise known as The Dark One, is a recently resurrected war hero, apparently dying some several hundred years ago. Brought back from the dead by those who want him to lead them out of apparent cruelty, Michio quickly brings himself to do this task. While he isn’t evil, he quickly finds himself leading an army in an attempt to destroy his enemies. What makes him strong as a villain though, is the inherent contradiction, in that he is a kind and good hearted person, but is so loyal to his people that he will work for them even if he does not necessarily like the cause.
    2. Xykon (The Order of the Stick) An insane ego maniac with dreams to take over the entire world and the magical talent to back it up. He doesn’t care for planning, and he is so powerful that his typical tactics are non-existant. A hilarious villain, he goes through the classic tropes and intentionally sets up cliches. As you can tell, my list is starting to be less and less serious.
    1. Stephen Schleicher.

    Also, if Top Five is canceled before the next episode (Top Five things that shouldn’t have been canceled) comes out, da** that would be hilarious.

  20. I know I’m getting to this a little late but I have some downtime today and I wanted to comment on this episode.
    The Monarch (or really any villian from Venture Brothers) – Honestly these characters are impossible to hate. They are to an extent parodies of the classic comic villian. The monarchs inability to accomplish his goals, his girlfriend, Dr. Girlfriend (who is wearing a Jackie Kennedy Pillbox hat outfit, but has the voice of Doc Hammer), and his henchman all create a character that almost feels more like a protaganist than a villian.
    Arawn Death-Lord (From The Chronicles of Prydian Books) – When I read the Black Cauldron when I was younger Arawn scared the living crap out of me. He is the poster child of the evil unstoppable dark lord. Many modern villians pull many of the ideas from Arawn, including Arthas/The Lich King from Warcraft III/World of Warcraft.
    Darth Krayt (Star Wars Legacy Series) – In an age where George Lucas was attempting to make the Sith less emposing than the Monarch (see above), Darth Krayt restored my faith in Star Wars. Darth Krayt in the Legacy comics reminded me why the Sith were awesome to begin with. He was evil, scary looking, and at times seemingly unstobbable. He was able to defeat the Fel Empire, The Republic, and the Jedi. He also threw away the rule of two (There can only be two Sith Lords, a Master and Apprentice), and there were guys with Red Lightsabers Popping out everywhere, and everyone loves when you get to see Sith and Jedi battle.
    I know that’s not five but these are all huge characters to me.

  21. Ahhhh! Rodrigo has become so much more amazing in my eyes!!! Xanatos, Magneto, and GLaDOS!

    I also agree with Stephen’s White Witch choice, and sadly don’t have knowledge of any of the other villains that were listed.

    On a side note Captain Barbosa is also on my list of top villains along with Xanatos, Magneto, and GLaDOS; I guess I just love villains of this category. Although on a side note I think that The Thing That Shatters the Sky is on my list for pretending to be an ally and then killing my favorite character!!! [I wrote that before actually getting to Rodrigo’s description of GLaDOS; now that I’ve heard it I’m pretty sure that she was an inspiration for it because the description he uses can be directly applied to The Thing That Shatters the Sky.] Also, the Hogba is not technically a villian, but is terrifying none the less!

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