DC Comics has released a sneak peek of Detective Comics #879 that arrives in stores this week.

For years, Jim Gordon has been tormented by the possibility that his son, James Jr., might be a killer. Tonight, he’ll get the answers he’s been after. But is the truth about James even darker than the Commissioner, or even Batman, could have guessed?

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  1. There are few of the “non-powered” support characters in comics in recent years that I’ve followed more than Commissioner Gordon. Trying to be an honest cop in a dishonest town, feeling every bit of the years of service creeping up on you. Your badge feels like it weighs more than your gun. Your marriage suffered, your family suffered and, most of all, you end up being second bananna to an insane superhero that runs around in tights, a mask and cape. Ever since “The Killing Joke” writers seem to have made Gordon more gritty and realistic than ever before, almost believable. Would a “real” officer work with someone outside of the law? If you had guys like Killer Croc poking their heads out of the sewers every couple of weeks, I think the answer would be “yes”.

    This series and the portrayal of Jim Gordon as the employee of Thomas Wayne in “Flashpoint: Knight of Vengance” have been similar (up until last week in F:KOV, which I’m still freaked out over) have had some similarities. Fortunately, Jim Gordon does not seem to be one of the “victims” of the DCU “relaunch”.

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