If you haven’t heard by now, Bruce Wayne is returning from his journey through time in space beginning in April.  And joining him in the journey is Grant Morrion.

Lost in the timestream, believed to be dead by his friends and enemies alike, Bruce Wayne must use every bit of intelligence, every ounce of strength and training he’s acquired over the years to find his way back to the city, and adopted family of vigilantes, he’d left behind.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, I just wish it had been later than April 2010.  There’s something that doesn’t feel right about the return date in the latest chapter of what Grant Morrison is calling “a long running definitive’ Batman epic.”

via USA Today


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  1. Great news! Will be great to have the old Batman back! But what’s going to happen to Dick Grayson when Bruce comes back? Will he go back to being Nightwing and join the Titans again?

  2. “Fate of Bruce Wayne: Spoilers
    Pictures and text after the jump….” ???

    I know its called Major Spoilers and I know Bruce returning is obvious…But really
    you cant hide behind the name forever. A lot of people like this site better than most comic-news sites but do not appreciate getting Russeled like this.

  3. We knew this was coming sooner or later. I agree that it should have been at least a little later. My biggest question is whether this will be covered in it’s own limited series. I’m thinking the answer to that is yes.

  4. I don’t see how they can make it any more clear that there will be spoilers on this site… Stephen, maybe a big blinking banner on every page that reads “Major Spoilers… We mean it!!” will help…

    • But does “SPOILERS you don’t have a choice!”… Actually improve anything for anyone..or is it just trying too hard to justify a name..granted a clever name, but still.

    • The funny thing is, just the other day (on this other podcast of his) Stephen was talking about who hard it’s to get new readers/listeners and how easy is to loose them, for me at least the “Spoiler” part of the site it’s okey dokey and although i don’t always agree with the opinions of Stephen, Matthew or Rodrigo and despite the fact that there isn’t any plans for a “Planetary” MSP i keep commin back because i reckon that they love comic and so do i

  5. This seems to be like Captain America over in Marvel. I am about through with Morrison and his ideas. At one point he is looking like he needs to be in Arkham. Come down to earth Morrison. Oh, I forget he does not know which one to come down to. I think the Crisis, Countdown, and 52 got him all messed up. DC you need to get a grip on Morrison and only let him out of his box occassionaly. An extended stay in a very remote place with no contact with the outside world for ten years would be good. Then let’s see his story lines. I know I wont be getting it unless it is in TPBs. Come on he has been working on telling a story for five years in the Batverse. Come on Morrison. Take a dump or get off the pot. I am all for dropping my disbelief when it comes to comics but this is getting beyond ridiculous. How is Bruce gonna do it? Which magical character in the DC universe is going to help him come back in time? Are you saying that Bruce is now like some demigod that has and is going to live through the ages and never age and never die? Maybe he is like the Wolverine character that has fought through many world wars and lived for many years. Dang though Morrison is talking about hunderds of years. This is beyond belief or maybe it is his soul is just back there and floating from person to person. Is Batman the new Deadman? Now if you are talking about something like this maybe. Hell, Superman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern/s have all come back from the supposed dead. Here we go with Batman. So will there be two Batmans in the DC Universe when he comes back? This is getting to be a bit much. Didio you can push the red trap door button when Morrison is standing on the door. It is ok. DC you really need to think things out because I think you are really beginning to lose some readers with continued crap like this. Oh yeah I know there are going to be a lot of people say, “Let’s see if first.” Hell we saw the bungled mess of Final Crisis. Yeah, how many of you at the end can say it was worth spending the money on that. Then there was a piece that was left out of Final Crisis that no one told anyone about til after it had been done. The Superman piece. Come on. I dont collect Marvel, but it is stuff like this that makes collectors, readers, and enjoyers of comics leave and not come back for a long time if ever. Just give us good story telling, good art, good writting, and things that we can believe in that make some sort of rationale sense. YES, BRUCE WAYNE SHOULD STAY GONE TIL AT LEAST 2012. DC must have some sort of free reign contract with Morrison to let him do what ever he friggin wants to do and they just bow down at him when he comes in the door. Do they play hail to the chief when he comes in the DC office or rush to get him tea and crumpets? I will just stay with my old Batman and DC needs to send Morrison to one of the other earths or an office and just lock the door, throw away the key, and put food through the slot.

    • c’mon man. If you dont like it, dont read it. It hasn’t come out yet and you already know it is crap. Do you really think DC lets Morrison do whatever he wants? If so you really need to question your suspension of disbelief, it appears to be effecting your reality. Didn’t we all hear about how Dideo made Grant change the end of Final Crisis? If Morrison wasnt selling, he wouldnt be writing for DC or anyone.

      Would you rather have a Johns style retcon of Batman’s long history. I know I wouldn’t.

      Furthermore, who cares if there are two batmen. Already have two flash, two green arrows, how many superboys and supermen? heck you have 52 earths. How many of them have a batman? This is DC.

      Maybe I am in the minority here but I think Final Crisis set a great mood and tone not often achieved in mainstream books. I also quite enjoyed the experimental nature of the story telling.

  6. So much for Batman “Reborn.”

    Honestly, I’ve been so pleased to see Dick taking up the mantle that I was hoping not to see any bit of Bruce for hopefully 5 years. Seriously, he’s going to be gone in comic book time for about 1 year later. There’s a big difference with… oh, I don’t know, the whole “One Year Later” story line.

    I hope that the series takes awhile, like 8-12 issues. Just because there is a lot of potential for Bruce to be stuck in the timestream, but it just still doesn’t make much sense.

    Oh well.

  7. I can see this being like Knightfall/KnightsQuest/KnightsEnd/Prodigal story where he came back but didn’t accept the mantle back just yet

  8. I’m kinda of interested in seeing how this pans out even though I hardly understand Final Crisis to begin with. I was kind of enjoying Grayson’s tenure as Batman though. That being said, just because Bruce is back, doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be taking the mantle back right from the gate. But either way, Wayne IS Batman so he was bound to return sooner or later. I would’ve have been a bit happier with a bit later, but what can I do? I’m just a reader, not a writer or editor…

  9. Wow, you guys need to, oh, click through before you ignite your nerd rage (or, in this case, speculating). This is going to be a six-month limited series with him shuttling through different time periods thanks to the beam Darkseid hit him with.

    • I’m sorry sir, but you have _clearly_ confused “comic book fans” “patient people”. ;)

      (That’s a good-natured poke at all of us, please don’t hate. :) )

  10. ^What he said.

    This isn’t “TOO SOON”, because this is only the START of Bruce Wayne coming back to the present…it is NOT an INSTANT return of Bruce to being “Batman” in current continuity.

    If you jokers would actually look at the USA Today interview that dccomics linked, Morrison says that he’s still got ANOTHER YEAR of “Batman & Robin” to write–in which DICK AND DAMIAN WILL STILL BE ROBIN.

    P.S. This is not like Cap Reborn much at all. Storytelling is not similar. Morrison telegraphed his “Batman trapped in time” idea a year ago…way before Brubaker started Cap Reborn this past summer. …But people who hate everything Morrison does don’t really care about facts like those. Instead they assume the worst.

  11. From the USA Today piece: “I’ve tried to thoroughly research each time period so that the stories work not only as at least fairly plausible reconstructions of life in the real 17th or 19th centuries but also as romanticized “pulp” versions too, while at the same time referencing the more extravagant history of the fictional DC Comics Universe in the background.”
    …. O_o. That’s… That’s a lotta stuff for a 32 page monthly. Unless these are GIANT-SIZED Batmans…. Ah!

    ALSO from the story: “A: There are six issues of Return. The first one’s 38 pages long, the rest are 30.”
    So, yeah. These could be very very “dense” books, if he wants to callback ‘plausible reconstructions of period life’ as well as ‘romanticized pulp’ aspects, whilst setting up each time period for basically one book, then moving on to the next time period. Yikes. Just my opinion, but I think I’ll just read ABOUT this one, instead of actually reading it. :)

  12. Lol, i wouldn’t be surprised if the real bruce wayne becomes a caveman hero, dies and his sons become the new batman until it reaches the modern batman..and by coincidence he is called bruce wayne.. (bruce wayne the 30055 more like!)

  13. Stallone…good theory. Just like the Byrne “Legends” series. I’m sure it can be done again (and again). It’s that or this year it was Green Lantern. Next it’s Superman and the year after that it’s Battle for the Cowl II.


  14. Major Spoilers ahead, leaked notes of the first three issues of BRUCE WAYNE RETURNS.

    BRUCE scrawls BATMAN WAS HERE on a cave wall.
    BRUCE falls asleep and we begin a dream sequence where his parents spend several pages chastising him for defacing public property. Throw in some giant BAT-TOTEM imagery, some cool sounding psycho-babble (refer to Neil Gaiman’s Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader for this), and don’t forget the flashback of his parents death.

    BRUCE wakes up doubting whether he is fit to be the BATMAN after his little tagging incident.

    BRUCE is thinking of staying in his current timezone, believing that he is not worthy of the bat mantle. He is out walking, when he comes across a CAVEMAN FAMILY being hassled by a CAVEMAN GANG.

    BRUCE steps into action, he ingeniously creates fire using shreds of his tattered bat costume and remnents of his utility belt to drive off the CAVEMAN GANG,
    thus introducing fire to the human race.

    The CAVEMAN FAMILY befriend BRUCE and take him to their camp.
    The CAVEMAN GANG appear with giant batlike creatures in-tow to get revenge.

    BRUCE cannot deny destiny and sees them off with his martial art skills.

    The CAVEMEN FAMILY fashion him a bat cowl from the corpses of the fallen Bat Behemoths.
    All self doubts are gone as BRUCE dons the prehistoric Bat costume when a blinding light envelops BRUCE.

    He suddenly materializes in a gladiatorial arena. From out of nowhere, a net flies through the air trapping BRUCE. The crowd bay for Blood as a ROMAN WARRIOR (Think TWO-FACE motif for the helmet, I want to convey the motif of each of Bruce’s rogues gallery for each issues antagonist) stalks BRUCE.

    BRUCE defeats the Centurion from last issue by utilising his scary Giant Bat creature carcass of a costume in an ingenious method.
    BRUCE:Roman Centurions are a cowardly superstitions lot…

    Flash of light as BRUCE materializes in another time period…..

  15. Dan that is hillarious. Keeep it up. Maybe Morrison could use some of those ideas. They may be better than what we are going to be inflicted with when this mess comes out. I am sure we are going to have a story and when it is all over, Morrison is going to come out and whine about how it is about being a hero, living life, over coming opression, pulling one’s self up by the bootstraps, the mental anguish one has to go through and blah blah blah. Just tell me a good story that keeps me going, has some emotion, good artwork and inking, and does not take FIVE YEARS to tell a story. Come on man. Is the pot full yet? Other people need to use the bathroom.

    And if you are going to make it five years or lots of issues, then do it like Captain America. That has been a fantastic series. It is a story that has grown and developed. Why put a limit on it with a series of numbers? Just go ahead and give Morrison free reign, give him a series, make this his series, and tell him to do what he wants to do. Make the series as long as he wants to do it and if it does not sell then so be it. The rest of the DC Universe has moved on without Bruce, except Tim, I say keep him where he is. Have the Monitors play with him. Don’t inflict upon us the readers another metaphorical tome of a story that has to have cliff notes and papers written about it, months after publishing, to enjoy the story.

    I give Morrison his props, but come on man. We dont need all of the other stuff sometimes.

  16. Now the discussion about spoilers and someone griping about that, I dont understand. The site is called “Major Spoilers.” If someone’s feelings got hurt dont turn on your computer and just spend all of your money without a premise and then be hurt. Cry when you go spend all that money on Morrison’s return of Batman and see how much of a warm and fuzzy feeling you have after forking over all of that cash. You will be glad we have great guys that put this thing together to give us some heads up. Long live trade paperbacks.

  17. They could’ve waited a year or so.
    Now THAT would have been a tight comeback. But announcing this now is annoying to all of us who invested time and money in the Bat relaunch this summer. They could’ve at least given Dick a year.

  18. When Bruce comes back maybe Dick will tell him to &^%$ off. Tim seems to be the only one longing for the comeback like a long departed lover. Batman sure knows how to mess up the little bois minds when he takes them in. Of course I have always thought Tim needed some counseling any way since his dad was killed, taking on the mantle of Robin, then his boyfriend dying, then Wonder Girl leaving him, and then Bruce supposdley dying. The boy needs to go talk to someone professional.

    • If Bruce Wayne came back, there are TWO in-universe people who would #$(% themselves with glee: The aforementioned Tim Wayne (nee Drake), as well as Ibn al’Xufach (or however that’s spelled), the son of the Bat — Damian Wayne (nee al’Ghul). :)

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