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Feature How to create a plot

TTRP Corner – Creating a Plot

When prepping for a tabletop game, the hardest part for some is creating the initial plot point. Join us at TTRP Corner and see one approach to creating a well-balanced plot.


TTRP Corner – Making a Character with Depth

Have you ever had trouble creating a character for your Tabletop Game? Do you want to have some depth to your protagonist? Come check out “TTRP Corner” and see ideas to incorporate in your next game.

Gaming Pathfinder: War for the Crown

[Gaming] Roll20 rolls out first Pathfinder adventure

Recently Paizo and Roll20 teamed to bring the Pathfinder gaming system to the virtual tabletop gaming system to streamline gameplay for players around the world. Now, Paizo and Roll20 have launched Pathfinder: War for the Crown that allows players to get set up and running quickly.

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