Paizocon was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But never fear, Paizo was able to take their convention online in a safe manner! Come check out some of the highlights from Paizocon!


There were many great things that were announced this year at the convention. This revealed what direction they are planning to go with their adventure paths for both Pathfinder and Starfinder. As well are creatuing a batch of pre-painted minis through their partnership with WizKids. Both titles are getting new books including the Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual! Here are my favorites that have been announced during the convention.


Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide

Pathfinder second edition has been pushing out a lot of content since its release in August of 2019. My speculation is that since the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons has so much content out, Paizo has been playing catch up. This book adds four new classes, five new heritages for ancestries, and 40 new class archetypes! What an exciting book that features new options for character creation and concepts.

Additionally, what I love is the diversity of the pictures in these classes in the images that were released. Four characters featuring people of different skin-tones, cultural  references, and other references is crucial to bringing diverse people to the table in your games.


I admit I did not play very much of Pathfinder first edition, but I have only heard good things about this adventure set. It was so good that they created a video game based on this adventure path. I am super stoked to see that they are revamping it a bit and then porting it over to Second Edition! Kingmaker allows your players to become rulers to a new kingdom. There are rules that allow you to build your kingdom form the ground up and protect it from its supernatural threats. The book is 640 pages! There will be no fear for a lack of content from this book. Additionally, there will be a companion guide featuring 10 NPCs and a Bestiary.

I look forward to seeing what the game is going to have, how I can build my kingdom, and how well it will lead to a collaborative storytelling environment.


I don’t have a lot of Starfinder experience but what I have played I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. The big release this summer for Starfinder is its Starship Operation Manual which is an expansion to any thing starship related. As a gamemaster who has tried to run science fiction games; I have always had a hard time emulating space combat rules. When this system came out, my favorite part was the space combat because it was so new. I am looking forward to the gamemaster part of the book and how they recommend to run a good starship-based campaign.

Starship Operations Manual cover illustration by Remko Troost


I really like what Paizo has been doing in their tabletop games and content. They have produced solid games, have made some really intelligent partnerships, and have earned my trust as a company. If you have not checked out their new adventure paths, card game, or their tabletop games make sure to go check it out!

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