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Review Helm Greycastle #4 Review 8.0

Helm Greycastle #4 Review

Greycastle has accepted a task to rescue Uadjit, the Dragon Prince, but ended up in the middle of a civil war. Check out the thrilling conclusion of Helm Greycastle #4 by Image Comics! 

Review 7.0

Helm Greycastle #3 Review

Helm Greycastle and his party is looking for the last dragon prince but are stuck in a war between Montezuma III and the people of New Azteca! Find out what happens next in Helm Greycastle #3 by Image Comics! 

Review 6.0

Helm Greycastle #2 Review

Helm and his crew are trying to get the Dragon Prince Uadjit back from Montezuma, but their enemies are numerous. Find out if they can get some more allies in Helm Greycastle #2 by Image Comics! 

Review 9.0

Helm Greycastle #1 Review

Welcome to Helm Greycastle: a fantasy reimagining of the Mexica/Aztec world! Come join a group of heroes as they look for the abducted last dragon prince in Helm Greycastle #1 by Image Comics!