The finale of the Seven Days crossover event is coming to an end. Will the heroes of the world be able to defeat the trespasser Khrelan from destroying earth? Find out in Seven Days #7 by Lion Forge!


Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Jose Luis and Jonas Trindade
Colorist: Michelle Madsen
Letterer: Saida Temofonte
Editor: Desiree Rodriguez
Publisher: Oni-Lion Forge Publishing
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 24th, 2020

Previously in Seven Days: The end of the world has arrived when the conqueror Khrelan came to destroy. It is time for a final stand. As the adult heroes and villains prepare to fight the Obsidian Men; the teen heroes go after Khrelan. It is a rush against the clock. Can we stop Khrelan from activating the Doom Portal and releasing noxious gas that will destroy the world?


The world celebrates their final days by going into anarchy. But our heroes though are still fighting. After Summit threw herself into the heart of a star, she realizes her powers are missing. However, she still stands up to fight the Obsidian Men and regains a new different version of her powers. Lorena Payne also has a contingency plan. She planned to bring the heroes and enemies to one place and then nuke them. The last stand is a front in case the young heroes fail and the invading army can perish under the weight of nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, the younger teens head straight into Khrelen. Their goal is to distract him so they can close the Doom Portal before it releases a toxic gas. Quincredible, being invulnerable, is able to taunt and distract Khrelen for a while but soon turns his attention to the other kid heroes. He is easily able to wipe the floor with many of them. That is, until Cosmosis is able to throw a punch and knock him out. Winter is then able to take the Shimmer Armor and close down the portal and from there a fifteen year old stopped the end of the world.

The fighting is now done. The heroes and villains stand side by side trying to figure out what they will do next. Hopefully they will be able to rebuild, grieve, and heal.


Crossover events are difficult because of the huge cast of characters and I am fairly new to the universe as a whole. Gail Simone did a very good job making sure that every character gets time on the panel. I like the diversity of the cast as well that represents a bunch of different types of people. Some heroes have down syndrome or suffer from deep issues of PTSD. There are representations of white, black, asian, and many others throughout the book. People of different sexualities take the forefront of the story. I appreciate this dynamic of heroes and this book proves the depth of stories that you can tell.

The ending feels a little rushed. We saw a young teen sacrifice herself to save the world and the only recognition we see is a simple goodbye from the younger generation of heroes. I must have missed an issue because I wasn’t even really sure who the character was. If we heard Noble, a big hero in this world, mention one thing about the sacrifice I would have had more closure. What is probably being set up is that future comics are going to be based on this event and her sacrifice will be a source of inspiration for the younger heroes.


The story was good, I enjoyed the art and the aesthetic of each and every hero. I just wanted a little longer epilogue. The series as a whole is a good jumping on point to see this rather young superhero universe. Strong recommendation from me. 4 out of 5 stars for Seven Days #7 from me.

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Seven Days #7 (of 7)

Strong Story

The end is nigh and our heroes have to make their last stand. Will Catalyst Prime continue on or is this the last days of the universe?

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