There are a number of things that I miss about the 1990s: The X-Files…  The 5-Year-Gap Legion Of Super-Heroes…  Being in my 20s…  But if I could bring back one thing from that decade, it would unequivocally be Mystery Science Theatre 3000.  From a simple premise and cheap film rights was born a truly original viewing experience, full of talented, funny folks trying only to make one another laugh, and there are a few movies that can only be enjoyed with the MST3K treatment.  (It also spurred a lot of people to yell at real movie screens, which you should not do, because you’re not as funny as them.  Also, it’s rude.  But mostly the first thing.)  I’m not even particular about which version of the crew I’d bring back, as I don’t think that there’s a bad configuration of that group, which leads us to today’s not too distant query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wouldn’t mind seeing a riffed take on ‘Apocalypse Now’ so that I could love something about that film (other than some of the performances), asking: If you could send any movie to the Satellite of Love for the MST3K treatment, which film would you choose? 


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  1. I’ve always wanted them to do “Battle Beyond the Stars.” In fact, I’m surprised they never did. (Or did they and I missed it?)

    Also, a bonus, out-of-the-box idea: Ang Lee’s Hulk movie is probably a good candidate.

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