Thanks to the magic of leftover Valentine’s Day candy, I’ve had a jones all week for some really good chocolate that I’ve been able to assuage with some not-really-good chocolate.  It’s gotten so bad that I might have to visit the local chocolatier (yes, we have one, try not to pass out) and get some of the good stuff, like their chocolate-covered peanuts or their excellent caramels.  One thing that I’ve only gotten up the courage to try once or twice is their chocolate-covered bacon, which leads us to today’s internet-beloved query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) isn’t normally a fan of the sweet and savory together, but here we’ll make an exception, asking: Ya want some chocolate-covered bacon?


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  1. I do like savory/salty with chocolate (and there are some dark chocolate sea salt caramels at home…), so I’d try it. Smoky flavors are surprisingly nice with chocolate. They better not burn that bacon, though. Not even chocolate can cancel out overcooked bacon flavor!

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