June sped by way to fast. Which means the San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner, which means it might as well be August, which means back to school, and you know that makes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the end of the year come quicker than ever.

Why don’t we just take a look back at the week that was, and stop fretting about the future?


  1. MOVIE REVIEW: World War Z
  2. Top FIve #46: Movies we walked out of (or should have)
  3. REVIEW: Age of Ultron #10
  4. REVIEW: Age of Ultron #10 AI
  5. REVIEW: Uncanny Avengers #9



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  1. Oldcomicfan on

    I don’t know. Is that supposed to be some kind of X-man costume? It might be from Game of Thrones but nobody in a snowy climate would wear something like that… they’d have a hard time explaining how they got frostbite in that place.

    Monsters U – I passed.
    Ninjago – ??? Isn’t there some sort of cream for that?
    Wolverine and Enders Game – hohum
    Transformers – If they are dead set on throwing millions of dollars away on something unwanted and unasked for, please send it to me instead of excreting another one of these turds!
    Boom Studios – Hooray?
    Jim Carey – Who cares? Jim Carey hasn’t done anything worthwhile since The Mask
    Will Smith – Too bad. But I will try to contain my disappointment.

  2. I had plenty of positives to say about Iron Man 3, The Hobbit, The Man of Steel, etc. but those comments sure got glossed over. Admittedly, I’d probably be a lot more enthusiastic if there was a comic book shop closer than 75 miles away (one way) and I could actually read some of these things. As for movies, this has been a great summer for movies! I hadn’t been to see anything in the theaters since The Hobbit, and I’ve been to see three movies so far this summer, which is a record for me. I am not the target audience for Monsters U, and I didn’t see the first movie, which is why I gave it a pass. I really liked the first transformers movie and the others all made me think OMG What happened? Wolverine and Enders Game? Well… I can’t afford to see every movie I’d like to see, and since the last Wolverine movie was a disappointment, and I haven’t read any of the Enders Game novels, they aren’t high on my list. As for ID4, I really liked the original, and I meant it when I said that it’s too bad Will Smith won’t be in the next one, but I will try to contain my disappointment. There was a pretty good followup novel to ID4 and I wonder if that’s what they are going to film? And speaking of sad, Stephen, isn’t replying to ones own reply pretty sad? :P

    • Actually, I think the reason your positive comments get glossed over is that you surround them with sidebars like “I hated the Zod fight”, long and chronologically inaccurate discussions of how stupid is was that Superman didn’t kill and “At least she’s not Margo Kidder!”

      Surround yourself with negativity, and people will remember negativity.

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