Yes, pedants in the audience, I’m aware that Granny is actually Jed Clampett’s mother-in-law, and thus not actually a Clampett at all, but work with me here, okay?  Daisy Moses, known to all by the mononym of Granny was sixty years old when her family moved from the swamp to Beverly Hills, but she never lost her Appalachian roots.  A self-taught doctor whose medicines tended towards 180 proof, Granny was also tough as nails and unexpectedly shrewd, in spite of her lack of sophistication.  Indeed, her pugnaciousness would add a bit of spice to any ensemble, whether we imagine Granny Clampett in the Justice League or the cast of ‘Scrubs’, leading to today’s roomahtizz query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) I choose ‘Firefly’ and the character I will replace is Jayne Cobb, the team heavy, asking: Choose one pop culture ensemble cast, and replace one character with Granny Clampett: Who is it and why?


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  1. On The Addam’s Family, replace Grandmama with Granny. Instead of bizarre potions, you would have strange foods like fried squirrel gizzards that the even the Addams would hesitate to eat.
    It would set up a lot of lots of hijinks, with Granny and Uncle Fester trying to out do each other.

  2. obviously, Mark Ruffalo in the MCU.

    “That’s muh secret Cap, ah’m ALWAYS angry! hyeh hyeh hyeh!” *turns big and green*

  3. ok. not sure if this counts as a “replacement” how about her in as The Doctor? I think a doctor who series with her as the lead would be absolutely outrageous…….

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