WOW.  After another unexpected win by the Avenger with the bow, we reach the penultimate matchup in our March Nerdery competition.  Having overcome Captain Marvel, Princess Diana now faces the kid from Iowa, and Hawkeye better have brought ALL the arrows this time.  Still, the biggest challenge awaits whomever wins this round, so you’d better vote early and vote often, especially if you don’t want to see Mr. Barton get stomped in the end.  Either way, it’s magic versus spycraft tech, leading us to today’s once again quite imbalanced query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks this one is pretty easy to choose, asking: Wonder Woman or Hawkeye?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    Hawkeye, Whether it’s Jeremy Renner or Alan Alda, I’ll take the hard-luck homespun hero with a heart of gold over the aloof alien artifice with an arm of brass.

  2. Wonder Woman because: Cathy Lee Crosby(yup definitely a trend here)
    and magical bracelets and amazon training versus flying sticks and some self defense…..
    one of the first things she would have trained to defend against would have been the arrow as it and the sword are the primary weapons of the amazons.
    I will go this far though. She most likely will have some trouble against him initially but in the end would defeat him, and go have a beer with him.

  3. Diana all the way. i’m sure cross training with the JLA’s own trick-arrow archer(s) comes in handy, and the strength/endurance/strategic mind would take the W easily.

    if i could be real for a second, the only Hawkeye i’ve read has been the Matt Fraction run, which was fun, but i feel like a lot of the cache came from just that run, and all subsequent characterizations of Hawkeye seem to iterate from that, and often feel watered down or like it’s missing something. i got absolutely nothing from the movie version (though i came into those movies hating Jeremy Renner, he always looks like he plucked a nose hair and is about to cry). was there a really strong character study during the West Coast Avengers heyday? am i really gonna have to break a 20 on the Stern run if/when i’m able to set foot in my local shop again?

    • There actually was some good Hawkeye stuff in the WCA run, especially as he grew into the leadership role. It mostly went be the wayside when Byrne arrived, but there’s some good moments to be had, as long as you can get through Milgrom/Machlan art, which… isn’t great.

    • true. i said this in a previous QOD, but even though none of the attempts to make WW’s backstory stick have worked, i’m always intrigued by the initial concepts…

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