Everybody loves the rogue.  It’s a truism that’s more true now than ever before, thanks to Hollywood’s love of the morally ambiguous character, making the question of a favorite scoundrel a complex one.  It’s admittedly hard not to love Disney’s take on Aladdin, and Captain Jack Sparrow has had enough success to carry eleventy-seven movies with nothing but his wits and some eyeliner.  Heck, there are any number of X-Men whose entire schtick is nothing BUT “mysterious antihero” (but only one of them pairs it with pink plastic armor) and Douglas Fairbanks managed to milk an entire career out of playing the rogue, leading us to today’s *coughMalReynoldscough* query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) argued Han Solo versus Jo Nah for about ten minutes before declaring John Constantine to be the victor> WWE-style, asking: What character from ANYWHERE in pop culture is your favorite scoundrel?


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