Quincredible #5


Quincredible #5 is thoughtful and powerful. Even though we see other Catalyst Prime heroes, this story is all about Quin and he’s a likable and relatable hero. I look forward to seeing more of him.

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Alexandre Zelime may be behind the high-tech weapons in town, but what is Dr. Davis doing with him? Whose side is he on? Let’s find out in this review of Quincredible #5 from Lion Forge Comics.

Quincredible #5 ReviewQUINCREDIBLE #5

Writer: Rodney Barnes
Artist: Selina Espiritu
Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letterer: AW’s Tom Napolitano
Publisher: Lion Forge Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 27, 2019

Previously in Quincredible: Quin’s parents are held hostage by some men (armed with high-tech laser rifles) who want to draw him out. Quin and Glow sneak into the house, and Quin demonstrates that he’s more than merely invulnerable – he’s actually pretty smart too. They take out gunmen one at a time, until the last one, who shoots Quin, and the truth is out. He cannot hide this from his parents. They have a good talk. Against the backdrop of the mayor promising an end to the crime wave in New Orleans, and Dr. Davis feeling that the poor of the city are being blamed for speaking out, Glow takes Quin to meet the other Enhanced. Quin tells them he feels that someone is instigating the crimes, and that the desperate people committing them need hope more than incarceration. Quin comes up with a way to track the source of the lasers. And we learn that Alexandre Zelime is the man behind them.


As Quincredible #5 opens, we get the background of Alexandre Zelime, whom we met last issue. Born in the projects, he grew up with a single-minded focus on breaking away. He studied hard, worked hard, amassed a fortune, and developed the weapons he believes will give people the power to control their destiny. Among the people gathered around him is Dr. Davis.

The story breaks away to a really touching scene between Quin’s parents. Suddenly their child is a superhero, and they’re conflicted. But mainly they’re concerned about him, as parents would be. Will he be okay? Will he be growing up too fast? Their concern feels so natural and heartfelt, and I love that they accept him in this role. They’re going to give him room – as long as he keeps up his grades and does his chores.

Zelime declares that it is time and distributes weapons to his followers. Dr. Davis does not take any. As the Enhanced who gathered last issue (Noble, Summit, Amina, Jameela, Simon, and Glow) follow the signal, it leads to the top floor of the Zelime building. Quin gets shot, and the battle between Zelime’s people and the Enhanced begins out on the street. Quin sneaks into the building. Across the street from this is the senior center where Brittany works, and she catches sight of Dr. Davis in the Zelime building.

Dr. Davis realizes that this was not really what he wanted. Zelime sold him on the idea that his tech could revitalize the community and empower people. Dr. Davis wanted to believe this, so much that he convinced himself that they had to fight fire with fire. As things escalated, he doubled down. This is so gut-wrenching, and real – this is frequently what happens to people who embrace a belief strongly. It gets progressively harder to turn away from it, to admit that you might be wrong, that you double down on the belief and try to justify away any contradictions. Quin finds him, and tries to convince him that he has time to do good. Brittany also overhears him and is more skeptical; she believed in him, and he has let her down. He agrees to take Quin up to the lab and to let him in.

And Zelime is there, in a powered suit, waiting for him. Brittany and Dr. Davis duck out as Zelime starts shooting at Quin, who dodges as me maneuvers toward the generators. Zelime hits him, knocking him down. Quin pulls off a component of Zelime’s suit, pulls apart the generator and the building explodes. As they fall out of the building, Noble catches Dr. Davis and Quin grabs onto Brittany, absorbing the impact of their landing.

The story ties up with a nice epilogue. Quin has to adjust to going back to his normal routine, such as school. Zelime somehow escapes. And the city started a plan, for the incarcerated underlings, to help them gain skills that could be usable in the world outside. It’s an uplifting ending overall, and I really like that, especially in a book with a young hero who has his life to look forward to.


I do like the art in Quincredible #5, although at moments, some of the facial profiles look a bit odd to me. But aside from that, this is an emotional issue for several of the characters, and I find that it comes through, with body language as well as facial expression. I really feel for Dr. Davis, for example. Zelime’s plan has pulled him in, and it’s only at the final moment that he realizes he has gone well beyond his own comfort zone.

I think it’s entirely believable, not to mention charming, that Quin doesn’t whip up some fancy costume, and he goes through all of this just dressed like a normal teen. He really grows as a young hero, and I like seeing how he thinks on his feet, and just how determined he is.

There are some truly dramatic moments. When Quin reaches Zelime, it is the first time we see Zelime in his costume, and the splash drives that home. This guy means business. And it’s a great scene at the end when his costume survives, but he is not there. But back to drama, the sequence when Quin falls out of the building with Brittany, as his parents watch from ground level, is wonderfully climactic. So many perfect moments are captured; it’s just breathtaking.

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