Officer Jim Harper protected the streets of Suicide Slum, whose name had double-meaning, thanks to his mentoring of a group of boys calling themselves The Newsboy Legion.  Years after his demise, Harper’s DNA was used by Project Cadmus to create a clone who shared many of Harper’s characteristics and serves as the Project’s strong right arm.  (His identity was borrowed by Mal Duncan of The Teen Titans, and is currently in use on CW’s ‘Supergirl’ as Jimmy Olsen’s costumed identity.)

The founder and original leader of Alpha Flight, Canadia’s premier super-team in the Marvel Universe, James MacDonald Hudson was killed in action when his own power-pack exploded in his hands.  Later stories gave us more than one muddled resurrection for the hero, none of which every really made a lot of sense, and he and his wife Heather switched the ‘Guardian’ and ‘Vindicator’ names back and forth like kids with Pokemon cards, further muddling the waters of his continuity.  (But darned if that costume isn’t cool as heck.)

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