A recent gaming session left my child in stitches, as we switched the point-of-view in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ to find Trevor Phillips chasing a hipster on a motor scooter shouting that they were now “SCOOTER BROTHERS!”  For several minutes, I just followed an NPC as my character shouted and tried to bond.  Of course, this led to a family discussion of whether or not we could ride such a conveyance with a straight face.  The vote in my house was 3 to 1 against, leading to today’s mo-ped query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is reminded of Eddie Izzard’s description of a scooter, saying that “you’re riding a $@&*$ing hair-dryer, with dogs walking faster than you”, asking: If you were given a scooter today, would you be proud to drive it or not?


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  1. It is actually a dream of mine to have a yellow Vespa customized to look like the one on the anime FLCL, so yeah, I’d be proud if I got one similar to it. And even if it isn’t a Vespa, I’ve got some Decepticon decals I could slap on (because Autobots are weak!). I don’t drive due to my medications (a personal choice, not a legal restriction), so a scooter would make getting around a bit easier than having to wait on others or paying for a cab.

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