Batman/Superman #13 begins a brand new arc where Catwoman and Lois Lane are the true stars of the book.

Batman---Superman-013Batman/Superman #13
Story by Greg Pak
Art by Jae Lee
Published by DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Batman/Superman: They traveled to Earth 2, they fought off Mongul, but how will the World’s finest deal with amnesia?





Batman/Superman #13 begins with amnesia. You see, the world’s finest have no idea who they are. Superman wanders around naked leading to a delightful scene with Catwoman ogling his super goods. While Batman discovers what every comic reader already knew. It’s pretty awesome to be billionaire Bruce Wayne, and it’s pretty horrifying fighting scumbags as the Batman. The two lead characters having amnesia leads to a fun take on these two DC lead characters.

This whole situation has been engineered by Kaiyo of Apokolips, who some readers might remember from the first arc of Batman/Superman. Kaiyo is now mixed up with Satanus in a subplot that I doubt many readers care about because it’s very confusing. The real standout plot of this book is the Catwoman/Lois Lane dynamic. Each woman gets a perfect moment to shine. Catwoman with her stealth and Lois Lane with her brains, these two prove why they are the perfect match for the heroes.

Greg Pak does a great job of interjecting some real humorous and human moments into this plot. After performing a feat that only Superman could accomplish, Clark remarks to himself, “That was fun.” While Bruce finds the idea that he dressed up in an adult bat costume to be ridiculous. It’s a simple issue that doesn’t have a very complicated plot, but that doesn’t mean that this issue of Batman/Superman isn’t worth your time. Pak introduces some very new ideas for some old characters making this book a very fun read.


Jae Lee is the master of silhouette, and this ability shines in this issue. While one would think that any artist who leaves out the background in most panels is a weak artist, Lee excels beyond it with simple posture and character traits. Catwoman is sleek and sexy. Superman’s body pose is one of heroism and confusion. Backed up by June Chung’s coloring, this book stands on top of the New 52.


Batman/Superman #13 takes an old concept and breathes new life into it. Also, while showing us just how amazing some of these supporting characters truly can be. It’s a simple issue, but definitely a fun one if you are a fan of these characters.


Batman/Superman #13



A great and fun issue about the World's Finest.

User Rating: 2.7 ( 2 votes)

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