RUMOR: Jason Momoa to play Doomsday or Martian Manhunter?


Last night news broke that Jason Momoa, who many of you may know as Khal Drago from The Game of Thrones, was in talks to star in Zack Synder’s Man of Steel sequel. Since this fact released on the Internet there has been much speculation on which character Momoa could play, some saying the hero Martian Manhunter, others leaning towards the villain Doomsday. Let’s speculate more after the jump.

So, Jason Momoa is certainly a physically built man who could play a long list of superheroes. Major Spoilers own Rodrigo suggested that Momoa could easily jump into the Bat suit, if it weren’t that darned Ben Affleck. After looking at Momoa some more, I can’t help but agree. I mean, look at that jaw line! Could he instead be playing a Nightwing character that has been rumored to appear in Man of Steel 2: The Search for More Money? I would certainly be okay with that casting, except I highly doubt DC and Warner Bros are going to cast a more physically dominating Bat character than Batman.

The rumor of Doomsday would certainly be an interesting choice, but I think with casting so many heroes into a film Man of Steel 2: Infinite Fan Crisis will tone down the name recognition of the villain in order to focus more of the heroes.

Is there another character you would like to see Jason Momoa play in the coming sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

via Empire Online