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Top Five Movies We Can’t Avoid

It happens to the best of us… you’re flipping through the dial, or scrolling through your digital movie collection, and there it is… a movie you can not stop watching. It is like a mesmerizing magnet drawing you ever closer… closer… closer… This week, we share our list of top five movies we can’t avoid!

Podcast Invincible Volume 2

Major Spoilers Podcast #912: Eight is Enough (Invincible Volume 2)

We haven’t seen Mark Grayson in a while, and what with that animated series coming up we thought we’d look at Invincible Volume 2. We talk Tim Drake, The Snyder Cut, Shazam, and Fortnite, and review The Frost Giant’s Daughter #3, Hellblazer: Rise and Fall #3, Resident Alien on Syfy, and Future State Wonder Woman #2!

Video Wind Up Unboxing

Unboxing Wind Up

Ashley Victoria Robinson was able to attend the online premiere of the new animated short film Wind Up. Ahead of the event, she unboxed a package from the production company.

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