STATUES: New 52 Flash


Kotobukiya, aka Lords of the Statue, continue their statue excellence and extend the New 52 line with Flash. Take the jump to look at this beauty.

The Scarlet Speedster joins the Kotobukiya Justice League statue series already containing Superman and Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Barry Allen stands at 7 1/2 inches tall and features his New 52 costume complete with lightening cracks all over and reinforced boots. Speaking of boots, these boots contain magnets in the bottom so that he can firmly stand on his included base.


Really like the glossy texture of his suit, fits the whole super-speed thing quiet well.

The New 52 Flash statue will release in March 2013 with no announcement yet of price, but it has been said that Wonder Woman is next in line for the Koto treatment.

via Toy New International