MOVIES: Rocketeer rumor has Interwebz abuzz


The website Vulture has an interesting rumor posted that Disney is considering monkeying around with Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer again, going so far as to possibly reboot the property for a whole new generation to enjoy.

As I mentioned in the Major Spoilers Podcast, rumors are just that, and more often than not, rumors get overturned a day or two later. However, knowing Disney, knowing the Rocketeer has a huge following, and knowing that the recent Blu-ray release of the movie did well, it doesn’t surprise me that a reboot is being considered.  IDW Publishing has had a fairly successful run of Rocketeer lately, and the latest series, written by Mark Waid with art by Chris Samnee, arrives today, so it could be the buzz surrounding this latest series that also has the House of Mouse considering the move back to feature films.  Of course Mark Waid is also writing for Marvel, Marvel is owned by Disney, and my tinfoil hat is firmly in place.

Do I want to see a new Rocketeer movie? You bet! But I want to see a NEW Rocketeer movie, not a reboot/origin story.  Billy Campbell and Jennifer Connelly did a wonderful job in the 1991 feature, and seeing Timothy Dalton tearing up the scenery as a Nazi spy is something that can’t be recreated.  That being said, even though my five year old loved watching The Rocketeer, I can understand Alan Horn’s desire to create a new movie for a new generation of movie goers.  If it’s going to work for him, he better get a great writer on board to knock out a fantastic story.  Hey, did I mention Mark Waid has a new The Rocketeer series from IDW Publishing hitting store shelves today?

via Vulture