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Review Sleeping Beauties #5 Review 9.0

Sleeping Beauties #5 Review

In Sleeping Beauties #5, it is Day Five of Aurora, the strange disease that affects only women who fall asleep, leaving them shrouded in a web-like cocoon and unable to awaken.  Fake news begins to proliferate on social media, leading to a literal bonfire of women across America.  The only woman alive who sleeps and awakens, Evie Black, begins to use her powers to stave off the possibility of her death, and the end of the world.  Your next mighty Major Spoilers review awaits!

Sneak Peek Star Trek Year Five #18

PREVIEW: Star Trek Year Five #18

The Enterprise receives a distress call from Alpha Centauri and arrives to find a planet in the midst of a deadly global pandemic in this week’s Star Trek Year Five #18 from IDW Publishing.

Sneak Peek Sleeping Beauties #5

PREVIEW: Sleeping Beauties #5

The sleeping sickness continues to plague the world in this week’s Sleeping Beauties #5 from IDW Publishing. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue that arrives on Wednesday.

Sneak Peek Marvel Action Avengers #3

PREVIEW: Marvel Action Avengers #3

Katie Cook’s big story wraps up this week in Marvel Action: Avengers #3 from IDW Publishing. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue featuring art by Butch K. Mapa.

Review ROM: Dire Wraiths #3 Review 7.0

ROM: Dire Wraiths #3 Review

In space, no one can hear you get eaten by a shapeshifting alien monster…  Your Major Spoilers review of ROM: Dire Wraiths #3 from IDW Publishing awaits!

Review Canto II: The Hollow Men #4 Review 9.3

Canto II: The Hollow Men #4 Review

Canto’s quest is a race against time! What awaits in the Valley of the Lionhearted, beyond the Yellow Mountain? Find out in Canto II: The Hollow Men #4 from IDW Publishing!

Podcast Major Spoilers Podcast Best of 2020

Major Spoilers Podcast #907: Best of 2020

This week, we say goodbye to 2020, by finding a little light in the darkness as we run down some of our best bits of the year! We also review Soul, King in Black #2, and Marvel Action Avengers #12. Plus, Wonder Woman is getting a third film!

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