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  1. Looks like someone’s messing with history….again. But couldn’t this also be Green Lantern? Abin Sur’s space ship crashed on Earth, then gave the ring to Hal.

    • There are a lot of DC heroes whose story depends on a spaceship crashing to Earth. Green Lantern, Superman and Supergirl are three that immediately sprung to mind as possibilities for this one.

      • But, wasn’t that Zoom (note: not Professor Zoom) who wanted to do that for then-Flash Wally (note: not current-Flash Barry) … ?

        • Could be. I confess I’m a bit out of touch being as I’m from an alternate reality future and only came back to harrass my favorite historical figure who is also my ancestor and whom I have an uncanny resemblance to because I was such a fan until I went insane. Unfortunately, someone decided to reboot the universe while I was in transit and now not only is my whole timeline eradicated, my nemesis/hero/ancestor is now just a comic book fan and occasional blog commenter, so now I gotta be one, too.

  2. Vanishing Point + Flash = Flashpoint? I guess that if a Flash type speedster got to Vanishing Point he could easily screw with the space/time continuum.

    • So … all of the meaningful story bits will likely reference plot points in comics he wrote a couple decades ago that no one bothred to read as his way of saying, “See? That stuff really was important!” … ?

      • Nevermind. Saw “Geoff Johns” and my brain translated it as “Grant Morrison.”

        My apologies to Mr. Johns. His stories are normally coherent.

  3. It looks like it will be something along the line of the “Astro City” mega-event that was only two pages in one story. Timelines are slowly being damaged and it will be up to the only man fast enough to “run” through the time stream to fix it. Personally, the “altered timeline” thing is getting a bit old along with the altered/multiple universe stuff.

  4. I heard they’re spinning the WW revamp into this, too?
    Especially now that they have Max Lord out for her blood and he can’t “find” her.

    Heck, as much as they’ve changed the Super-mythos the last decade or so, something had to give. They want to ignore the Byrne/Jurgens runs, but even then, things like Doomsday and Kon DEPEND on certain events Byrne/Jurgens laid out.
    (and I *STILL* refuse to believe Kon’s other daddy was anybody but Paul Westfield!)

  5. On this one I’m going to go with Green Lantern solely on semantics

    THE Spaceship makes me think GL.
    If it were Superman, I would think it would say HIS Spaceship.

    I think Superman is the on experimented on in the lab, from the teaser image they put up that showed a big military “S” vault.

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